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Work-Life balance essentials

21st century is an over-hyped rat race era where everyone strives to thrive. Working hard towards your dreams is not foolish, but when it comes to your family and health, you must learn to draw a line. Work is essential, and so is your personal life. More than half of your professional success depends on your personal life. Striking balance in everything you do is necessary for your peace of mind. So let us see what are the work-life balance essentials.

1. Self-awareness

Make yourself aware of the fact that living a mediocre life is okay instead of compromising on your health and happiness. 

2. Prioritize

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Learn to prioritize the important and urgent tasks. Don’t waste your energy on trivial things.

3. Know your strengths and weaknesses 

Seek someone’s help if you think accomplishing a new task would need a lot of your energy and time. You may also outsource the processes you find difficult.

4. Limit working hours

The best way to achieve the goal is to set the time. Don’t stretch working hours by taking unnecessary breaks. Try to stay productive during those working hours you set for yourself. 

5. Take Breaks

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In between the working hours, you get exhausted. When you are tired, you become less efficient. Brief breaks empower you to redeem yourself.

6. Go on vacation

Work-Life balance essentials

This way you’d be able to spend time with your family and friends. Going on a vacation once or twice a year, makes your mind refreshed. Plus, you realize how much people around you love you.

7. Figure out effective techniques

Put some time aside for self-analysis. By performing self-analysis, you would be able to figure out what works for you and whatnot. Explore possibilities and pick the ones that save your time and yield the desired result.

8. Stay Active

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A healthy body is the foundation of a successful mind. When you stay physically active throughout the day, your body and brain work in harmony. 

Do you have any other work-life balance essentials in mind? Please mention in the comments below or let us discuss on whatsapp.

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12 thoughts on “Work-Life balance essentials

  1. Often we get so taken up by our professional commitments that it starts affecting our sense of well being.Your guidelines towards striking the right work life balance are quite concise and doable.

  2. Like your previous post said we get heart attacks or there is a Risk bcz of sedentary work profile. Being active is very important. These points mentioned here are crucial and should be followed thoroughly I feel

  3. Agreed to your points ..I always make sure to prioritize my work and make strategy and plan to complete on time!!

  4. Those are quite important essentials to keep one sane and energetic at the same time. Prioritizing things in life is an art. Bringing back your passions to live is also must as per me.

  5. These are super useful tips. I’m currently struggling to manage time for work and household chores. I do WFH and it is very tedious to handle both at the same time. Wish I had superpowers to extend those 24hrs :p

  6. Lovely post! These tips will make life happier for sure…we must be active to enjoy.

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