What happens to all the film costumes.
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What happens to all the film costumes after use?

As a lifestyle blogger I get to see the Entertainment Industry closely. May of my readers and followers have been asking me about this Industry for a long time and I keep answering them in our little chats. They want to know the various habits of the celebrities. It also includes an innocent question if I know the personally or have their whatsapp numbers. Many have asked me about the different costumes, wigs and get ups they don. So today i though of writing a post on this one. Have you ever wondered what happens to all the film costumes after the curtains close on the film? You sure have, and every person who is fond of watching movies would be wondering about the same thing.

Let’s free you from guessing the fate of outfits that actors wear in the movie.

Packed forever

Some of the costumes end up sealed in the boxes of the production studio with the name tag of the movie glued on it. The clothes then become the forgotten treasure of the production house.

Modified for junior artists

The super fashionable clothes that once inspired the fashion industry are restructured to make them wearable for junior artists. This entire modification process involves a skilled designer that can transform the outfit and make it unrecognizable for the audience. 

Memory Token

With permission of designer and producer, some actors keep the outfit for themselves for memory sake. They don’t wear it in public appearance or anywhere, but they keep the costumes in memory of the characters they played.


Apparels from iconic movies or characters are auctioned to raise money for charity. People bid more for their favorite outfit and include this 100% original masterpiece in their wardrobe rather than going for a duplicate one. There are two advantages of auctioning clothes. First, the money raised from charity benefits the underprivileged society. Second, the person looking for the same costume gets to wear it.

Goes back with designers

You must have heard about the heavy outfit that cannot be worn by a regular person. A-lister designers mostly design these dresses and take the dresses back after the shoot’s wrap. 

That’s how the fashion and movie industry works. Now, if you have adored an outfit from a movie, there are fair chances of you encountering that same costume on an auction. So now that you know What happens to all the film costumes after use, Grab your favorite one. Hurry up!! 

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