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Preventive measures to Dodge Cancer

Preventive measures to dodge Cancer
Chances of developing cancer depend on your lifestyle to a great extent. You might have seen a healthy-looking person around you diagnosed with cancer.  Why does this happen suddenly? The answer to this question is, Nothing happens suddenly. Our body is a smart machine that is wise enough to prevent itself from various infections and diseases. If not handled carefully, it malfunctions like a human-made machine. 

Let’s see what can we do to ensure the proper functioning of the body to make it cancer-resistant.

Eat organic food

Organic food cancer

According to a study, people who consume more organic food are less prone to cancer when compared with the people who consume less organic food. Include lots of organic vegetables and fruit in your diet.

Avoid harmful radiation

Radiation Cancer

People who work in power plants or places, suffer constant exposure to radiation. They are at higher risk of developing cancer. By wearing radiation shielding cloths, workers can avoid harmful radiation. Apply sunscreen before going out during the day time.

Maintain a healthy weight

Healthy weight cancer

If you are someone who often struggles to maintain average weight, you may need to see your doctor. Fluctuating weight is one of the symptoms of cancer. Cancer if diagnosed at an earlier stage, is easy to treat.


measures to Dodge cancer

It not only keeps you from developing cancer, but it also keeps you from developing several other fatal diseases.  Invest 150 minutes per week in moderate yoga or aerobic activities or other exercises.

Say no to tobacco and smoking

Tobacco Cancer

Lung, mouth, throat, larynx, pancreas, bladder, cervix, and kidney cancer are the consequences of smoking and tobacco chewing. The smoke liberated from a cigarette is very intense. If a non-smoker comes in frequent contact with it, he/she becomes vulnerable to cancer. Consult your doctor if you want to give up smoking and tobacco chewing.

What are your inputs on Cancer? Do you know anyone who is trying any particular measures to Dodge cancer? What help have you extended to this person? Do you have any inputs in this article? Please leave comments below or message on whatsapp.

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