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Understanding the concept of ‘Dieting’

“Dieting means losing weight” is a myth.  Having a balanced diet so that one can maintain proper body weight is dieting.  It is a practice that is adopted by us to prevent our body from catching any disease.  One need not stop eating food, avoid your favorite food or eat only healthy food. It asks you to maintain a proper balance between your weight and your lifestyle.  Dieting is all about 3R’s which stands for the right food, right quantity and right time. No one can counsel you about your body better than you. Let us understand the concept of Dieting.

Understanding Dieting

Your dietitian might have recommended you to eat fruits in the morning but whenever you eat it you face indigestion, so is it good for you? No, one thing may not work for all.  Everyone is unique and the response of their digestive system to different food is also unique. The needs and requirements of every individual are different. So a modification in your diet is acceptable.  An imbalance in the intake of calories you consume and the calories you plan to consume could be a cause of obesity and all diseases. Physical inactivity, social and environmental changes, increase in intake of oily food are a few reasons that contribute to diseases like diabetes, cancer and pulmonary diseases.

Detoxifying your system is one of the important practices in the process of dieting.  A planned diet is always followed for losing weight properly. For many people restricting the intake of carbs is all that can be done for losing weight.  Physical exercise is a must if you want to maintain your weight. Your diet should be in a proper proportion to provide you all the necessary nutrients required for the smooth functioning of the system.  Getting proper nutrition is a must for your body. Maintaining a proper balance is a must. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts can help you in your diet plans. Consult a nutritionist before you practice dieting.

Diet plan


The concept of Dieting has to be understood well before getting into any of these. How many of you agree? What are your views about the concept of diet? Please write in the comments below or whatsapp us.

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