Keto Diet for Long Term
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Practical Tips to Follow Keto Diet for Long Term

All of us are looking for quick ways to lose weight in a healthy way. Well, I say weight loss can surely be a sought through quick ways but they are not easy. Weight loss is more of a mental battle than a physical one. There are many kinds of diets circulating on the internet and recommended by dietitian. One such diet is keto diet. Do you know that we can follow Keto Diet for long Term too?

Keto diet is the one where one has to reduce the carbohydrates to extreme minimum cheifly though, there are other things involved too. No carbohydrate intake brings the body in a metabolic state called the Ketosis. The body switches its mode and starts turning the fats into Ketones as a source of energy.Keto diet is in buzz for losing weight without starving yourself. The idea behind Keto diet is to keep you healthy and satiated and to use the fats as a fuel for energy to burn it out in order to reduce the weight. It helps to improve the metabolism as well. There are many other health benefits of a diet that induces Ketosis as well helping in reducing high blood Sugar levels in Diabetics, for instance.

When you start with the Keto diet, you will initially face certain minor health issues, mood swings and other collaterals, but, once you body is used to this diet system, you will surely get the desired results.

In today’s article, we will talk about the practical tips to continue the Keto diet for long term to lose weight without harming your body. 

Therefore, the practical tips to follow the Keto Diet are as follows—

Slowly add Carbohydrates to your diet after completing keto diet for a certain span of time

Since for Keto diet you need to cut off all the carbs, it is necessary to add some onto the diet slowly and not too much all of a sudden. While you are on this diet which is usually for a span of two weeks at a stretch, you need to consume 20 grams or lesser Carbohydrates per day. So, after the diet eating too many carbs suddenly can have bad effects on your health. Let your body adjust to the change.

You cannot and should not follow Keto diet forever. Do it in spurts. Therefore, consuming some carbohydrates make in between your diets keeps it practical for you to follow Keto as well as maintain your weight for a long term. This helps you cope up with the energy you have been lacking and will also improve the mood swings. 

Keto Diet for Long Term

Exercise plan

While you are on Keto diet, you cannot exercise heavily. For weight maintenance with keto light to moderate exercise is surely needed. You can go for  jogging, brisk walk, endurance training, swimming or dance classes. 

However, too much physical exercises will be detrimental to your health while you are on Keto diet. This is because you already are taking no carbs. Talk to your trainer first, and visit the gym twice or thrice a week for short duration.

Lessen the amount of fatty foods and opt for healthy fats– 

Although fats are necessary for our body, consuming them in excess amounts for long term will lead to unhealthy eating. Excess ghee and fried foods must be avoided generally. While you are on keto, your fat intake needs to go up but that fat must be from healthy sources.

Go for healthy fats like those in dry fruits, nuts, plant seeds, fatty fish and meat. Also, it is suggested that you should use Coconut oil as a cooking medium while you are on Keto diet. It contains Medium chain fatty acids and helps to get your body in a state of Ketosis.

Keto Diet

Vitamin Deficiencies –

If you are on Keto diet, make sure you are taking multivitamins daily. It is better if you also take sone antioxidant supplements.

Protein intake should be optimal-

It is important to maintain your dietary Protein intake optimally while you are on Keto diet so that you do not end up losing muscle mass. Too much Protein on the other hand, will reduce Ketosis. Do talk to your dietitian regarding this.

Cheat days

This is one day in a week where you can choose to eat anything you feel like. Need we mention, do not go for colas, candies and ice creams all in one go.

You can surely have some fruits, shakes or dark Chocolate on your cheat days. This will also help keep you motivated and balance your mood.


It is really important to drink up lots of water when you are on Keto diet to keep you sufficiently hydrated.

Thus, these are some of the practical tips you can follow when you are on Keto diet for long term.

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