The different aspects of Crash Dieting
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The different aspects of Crash Dieting

The different aspects of Crash Dieting

Hey readers! Obesity and being out of shape is a problem that every other individual is facing these days. To get to an ideal body weight and shed extra fat, different types of diets have been formulated by dietitians. While some suggest restricting certain kinds of foods there are crash diets which are aimed at cutting the total number of calories consumed in a day. Let us see crash dieting in details.

Crash diets help individuals in losing weight over very short periods of time, say a week or two. These are formulated to limit the number of calories consumed per day. Usually, 450 to 800 calories only are to be consumed in a day. You can expect to shed somewhere between 5 to 20 Pounds within a matter of a few days. While these give quick results, these are considered detrimental to overall health if practised too frequently and for prolonged periods of time.

Therefore, if at all you resort to crash dieting be informed about the positives as well as negatives. These are suitable only for the short term. Go for crash dieting only after getting a clearance from your healthcare practitioner.

Let us talk about Two of the popular crash diets:

3 Day DietThe different aspects of Crash Dieting

  • This is also popularly known as military diet and can help you shed early 10 pounds within a span of 3 days.
  • The number of calories is restricted to just 1200 calories per day. While the normal recommended Calorie intake for an individual is between 2000 to 2500 calories/day.
  • The diet plan has been formulated in a balanced way and includes most foods from proteins, minerals and Vitamin category. Only Carbohydrates are restricted to a good extent.
  • The most common foods included in this diet plan are Black tea/coffee, fruits, Peanut butter, Beans, Oily fish, Lean meat, salads, Egg Whites and cottage cheese.
  • The 3- day dieting period must be followed by a span of 4 to 5 days of regular eating. You have to avoid junk food including empty calories and bad fats, though.

The Master Cleanse DietThe different aspects of Crash Dieting

  • This is also popular as the Lemonade diet and Cayenne Pepper diet.
  • This is an extreme form of dieting that needs you to go off essentially all solid food.
  • You need to consume a concoction of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, organic maple syrup and distilled water throughout the day, for 10 days.
  • The Master Cleanse helps to shed weight and to flush out all the toxins from the body.
  • This is not a balanced form of dieting and while people have reported extreme improvement in skin texture and rapid weight loss by following this diet, it is not recommended for everyone as it limits the calories in an extreme way, lacks many vital nutrients and may lead to dizziness.

Certain other popular crash diets are The cabbage soup diet, protein diet, juice diet and Water fast diet. Let us read on below to know in further details about the pros and cons of crash dieting.

Pros of Crash Dieting:The different aspects of Crash Dieting

  • Quick results in form of loss of weight in short periods of time. This can act as a motivation to adopt a healthier eating lifestyle, later on. These are a good way to kick-start the process of shedding those extra Pounds.
  • You do not need to invest in any special kinds of foods or supplements to follow crash diets.
  • These diets work by reducing the external supply of Calories. Therefore, the body turns to burn its own fat stores in order to generate energy.
  • Good for those who are suffering from health problems due to being overweight as these can bring weight under control very soon.
  • These are meant to be followed for short periods of time only.

Cons of Crash Dieting:The different aspects of Crash Dieting

  • A crash diet really limits your overall calorie intake so, you tend to suffer from hunger pangs and starvation.
  • Practising Crash diets can lead you to feel weak, drained off and sleepy all day long.
  • These may lead to indigestion, anorexia and certain types of metabolic disorders.
  • As a rebound, many individuals tend to eat junk food and make unhealthy food choices to satisfy their hunger pangs.
  • Since the amount of food is restricted, it may lead to irritation in individuals.
  • Crash diets are not designed to be balanced. Therefore, may lead to the deficiency of certain important vitamins and minerals in the body.
  • Possible health complications that occur by following crash diets, are Ketosis, hypoglycemia, gallstones and disturbance in serum uric acid.


The crash diet is a good way to shed some extra weight for immediate results and for morbidly obese persons. Even in people who are perfectly fine physically, it is not recommended to follow crash diets for a period of more than 12 weeks. However, it is not recommended by certified nutritionists as in most people, the negatives outweigh the pros. These are not meant for everyone and are surely not suitable for long-term. It is ideal to shed weight slowly without compromising on nutrient-dense foods. You must not compromise on your fair share of Protein, Vitamins and minerals. Have you ever practised crash dieting? How was your short-term and long-term experience with the same?

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10 thoughts on “The different aspects of Crash Dieting

  1. I didn’t knew my h about crash diets, the military diet sounds stunning, helping you to lose 10pounds in 3 days..that’s super quick. But the fact that it is not a balanced one makes me afraid that I would not opt for it.

    1. People who are doing office work should ideally not go for crash diets as the work pressure and movement always consumes unexpected calories. The one who are at home have better control on the calories burnt and this one is advisable for only them… 🙂

  2. Crash dieting can take a serious toll on the health.
    I’ve read up about The Master cleanse/lemon and Cayenne pepper diet earlier, and it looks plain scary. I don’t understand why people would put themselves through it

  3. I ah e been hearing about crash diets specially about bollywood celebrities doing it at times . Always fantasiesed but never really did myself . Your article gave me better and clear insights on it . Very well written with pros cons . Thank you for sharing this

  4. Personally, I can never trust crash diets. They involve curbing one component or the other from the diet which can be harmful in the wrong run. Having a healthy lifestyle on daily basis is the only requirement to avoid obesity.

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