Why should we focus on Organic Diet?
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Why should we focus on Organic Diet?

Why should we focus on Organic Diet?

There is no doubt that we are living in a world that is laden with pollutants. We are exposed to all sorts of chemicals from pesticides to herbicides to preservatives to emissions from fossil fuels. While there is no absolute escape from this, we still can do a much about the chemical residues we consume on a daily basis by changing over to an Organic Diet.

What are Organic foods?

Why should we focus on Organic Diet?Before moving any further on this topic, let us first talk about what exactly Organic foods are. “Organic” in layman terms means “natural”. You must be aware that most crops, fruits and vegetables involve the use of lots of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides while they are being grown in fields. Organic crops are grown without using these synthetic chemicals. If at all, some fertilizers or insecticides are used, they are in minimal quantities when compared to conventional farming. Likewise, the animal products which are organic involve farming of animals with the least possible exposure to artificial hormones, antibiotics and other kinds of animal medications.

To be labelled as organic, a food product must be free from all sorts of harsh chemicals, like artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colouring agents, MSG and flavours.

Why are Organic foods better?Why should we focus on Organic Diet?

  • Organically grown crops are better for our health because we get minimal possible exposure to synthetic chemicals. Lesser exposure to toxins/ pollutants and pesticide residues means lesser health problems. Chronic exposure to chemicals is responsible for various types of Cancers.
  • On another positive side, food that is grown organically is better for the environment as well as animals.
  • For growing Organic crops, natural fertilizers like manure are used. Such nature-friendly farming techniques help to improve soil quality, reduce soil pollution and improve groundwater levels.
  • There is evidence that suggests that due to differences in handling and processing of Organic food, the nutrient value of Organic food is superior. In general, they have more antioxidants, Vitamin C, Iron and Zinc.
  • Organic crops, fruits and veggies taste far better because of intact flavours.

Why are Organic animal products better?Why should we focus on Organic Diet?

  • Studies suggest that animal milk which is derived from Organically farmed animals has the higher content of Omega-3 fatty acids, Iron, Vitamin E and Carotenoids. More Omega 3 fatty acid means better-controlled Cholesterol levels and lesser risk of heart disease.
  • Organic meat is free from synthetic hormones, antibiotics and Genetically modified components which could be potentially harmful to health, in long run.

There are studies which say that consuming an Organic diet reduces the chances of Attention deficit and mood swings in children. The antioxidants present in Organically grown foods decrease the chronic, low-grade inflammation in visceral organs. Such low-grade inflammation is responsible for cardiac diseases, Diabetes and even certain types of Cancers.

ConclusionWhy should we focus on Organic Diet?

  • Eating organic diet might add to your weekly grocery shopping cost but it is a lifelong investment in health, well worth making.
  • If you cannot go 100 per cent organic, at least make an effort to read about the food items with the highest pesticide residues. Slowly, switch them with the organic counterparts.
  • Another good way to make your diet more Organic is to relish unprocessed snacks such as nuts, seeds etc.
  • Cutting out packaged and processed foods to which lots of flavours, sugar and preservatives have been added is a good start for going Organic.
  • Have a small kitchen garden of your own where you can grow herbs, Chilies etc. organically.

Our day-to-day choices have a long-term effect on our physical and mental health. So, try to make the switch towards eating an Organic diet even though you take baby steps towards it. Are you into Organic diets? Which foods have you replaced with their organic variants, so far?

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  1. I’ve recently switched to organic products and i purchase them from online sites. let’s hope they deliver what they promise. the increasing rate of carcinogenic products in our diets is causing havoc with our internal systems so it was essential to switch over to organic products.

  2. I am gradually moving towards organic products, I understand they are beneficial to us and our environment as a whole. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post, it’s both informative n inspiring.

  3. It seems we are all turning years back, we need the same purity, a non-synthetic food and what better than organic foods. They come as the first choices to me for my family.

  4. What a great write up! Indeed focusing on organic diet is a must do. And we’re on this path by slowly making switch, wherein we use herbs from our kitchen Garden and snacking on nuts mainly. Expensive but we make the splurge for better lifestyle

  5. Organic food is the need of the hour. And, having a kitchen garden helps a lot, my spouse is fond of it and maintains our kitchen garden.

  6. Organic food is a boon for us inspite of its rare availability and less knowledge about organic farming in India i hope and wish people make such wise choices and can make some positive impact on health and society overall.

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