Pet Hair Shedding
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Ways to reduce Pet hair shedding.

Would you like to know what causes pet hair shedding or how to stop it? Shedding is the natural process by which the coat rids itself of old, detached, and sometimes damaged hair. When older hair is shed, new, healthy hair can grow in its place. Here are some tips and tricks for reducing pet hair shedding.

Select the Right Brush

You could need to brush your pet every day or just once a month, depending on the sort of coat they have. There are numerous distinct brush varieties, including:

Bristle Brush: This brush is suitable for all coat types

Wire-Pin Brush: This brush style works well with wooly coats that are medium to long and have a curly texture.

Slicker Brush: A slicker brush with fine wire bristles is useful for eliminating mats and knots.

Combs: For dogs with short hair, rubber curry combs can massage the skin and remove dead hair.

Select a tool for shedding.

Whether your pet sheds intermittently or continuously, using a shedding tool to remove dead hair from your pet’s coat. Brushes with closely spaced stainless steel tines that remove the undercoat are one type of shedding tool. Shedding blades with serrated teeth are another.

  • Feed Your pet a Healthy Diet. 

A pet will get the vitamins and nutrients they need to maintain their hair follicles developing strong and resistant to breaking if they eat a comprehensive and balanced pet diet. In addition to promoting healthy hair development and maintaining joint, heart, and immunological health, some pets benefit from an omega-3 fatty acid nutritional supplement. Consult your veterinarian to learn the advantages for your pet before introducing supplements to your pet.

Pet Hair Shedding
  • Raise Water Intake

Although it can be difficult to gauge how much your pet drinks, you might want to watch their water bowl if they are shedding more than normal. According to the usual guideline, For every pound of body weight, a pet should drink an ounce of water. In addition, hair loss is frequently caused by dehydrated skin, making cleaning up more stray fur about the house easier.

  • Consider Frequent Bathing and DE shedding Treatments.

Bathing your pet helps to remove dead hair, which frequently tangles with good hair and cleans their coat. The moisturizers and Omega-3 fatty acids in DE shedding shampoos and conditioners hydrate your pet’s skin and coat to build stronger, healthier follicles while simultaneously untangling old, dead hair from new, healthy hair.

Visit Your Veterinarian

Excessive shedding in pets can be a symptom of some medical issues. Some of the more frequent issues that result in your pet losing a lot of hair include parasites, fungal infections, stress, and even sunburn. Hormonal problems brought on by a thyroid imbalance can also cause brittle hair and irritated skin. If your pet is losing hair excessively or in patches, take them for a comprehensive checkup.

Pet Hair Shedding
  • Schedule more leisure time

Remember that giving your pet frequent brushing and grooming keeps their coat healthy and provides an opportunity for bonding. After your grooming session, you can stroll, play fetch, or hang around.

While brushing and grooming your pet, you should also perform a general health examination. 

Final words

From the tips and suggestions above, your life with a shedding pet will run more smoothly. And less shedding is always a good thing. Adding some of these hair reduction tips to your routine, like brushing, grooming, or adding special diet supplements like Omega-3 fatty acids, you’ll also be helping your pet live a healthier, longer life.

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