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7 Reasons Cats Are Low-Maintenance Pets

Many people believe that cats are superior to dogs. This is because cats are low-maintenance, quiet, and relatively inexpensive. They even take care of themselves. However, there are advantages to owning a cat over owning a dog. Here are reasons why cats are the best pet.

Cats only hold up a little space.

  • Cats only require a little space to thrive. You can guarantee your kitty’s happiness if you can fit their necessities, such as litter boxes (one box per cat plus one extra), food, and water dishes.

Owning a Cat Is Less Expensive

  • Cats are generally less expensive for their lives, especially during kitten seasons or when the shelter receives a large influx of kittens. Some shelters may waive fees or provide a two-for-one deal on kitten pairs.
  • Cat toys are inexpensive and even less expensive (and simple) to make yourself.
  • Cats are perfectly content lounging, napping, and playing with their toys at home alone while you work. It’s even better if you have two kitties because they’ll entertain each other.

Cats Are Perfectly Content Indoors

  • Cats are safer indoors and are also perfectly content perched next to a window or curled up in a sunny spot on the couch. Open a window for some fresh air (but not so vast that the kitty can escape), and your cat will be pretty happy watching birds and bugs all day.
Cats Indoor

Cats are much quieter.

  • While cats make some noise, particularly at night when many are most active, meows and purrs are relatively quiet. Meowing and purring are adorable, but even better, you’ll start to understand what your cat is saying. For example, you’ll learn the difference between an “I’m hungry” meow, and a “Cuddle me!” meow.

Kittens Require Less Work 

  • Kittens demand a tremendous amount of time, energy, and attention. You may be sleep-deprived during the first few weeks with your new kitten as you get it settled in its new home, introduce it to its new diet, and begin some preliminary training.
  • Kittens can be left at home unsupervised during the day once they have learned the basics of using the litter box.

Cats Clean Themselves

  • Cats are self-cleaning machines. You may want to brush it once in a while and clip its nails as needed, but cats do an excellent job keeping themselves clean.
Cat Cleaning machines

Cats are independent and cats are low maintenance

  • A cat could be ideal if you don’t have the time or energy to care for a pet. Caring for a cat is less demanding than caring for other animals. Those who work full-time can relax knowing that their cat can take care of itself for the most part. Cuddling with your cat will make you feel better than ever when you have free time.

There are numerous other reasons to get a cat to fill your home with love. First, check out your local shelter for a kitty in desperate need of a home.

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