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Smart coping with angry teenagers

Teenagers and their behavior are quite unexpected sometimes. They could be happy one minute and angry the other minute. Teenage is a very precious time in their life. They go through different pools of emotions, and it is the duty of their parents and guardians to make them feel better about themselves. If the right measures and advice are not given, it is possible that they can develop temperament issues. Scolding and beating are not the correct answer to your teenager’s anger. Here are some ways you can calm them down. 

Listen to them

Teenagers tend to keep their feelings to themselves. Some try to convey, but if at that time, they weren’t heard, they start to quiet themselves. It is not a good thing. It is vital that parents talk to their children and make them feel comfortable. Sometimes all it takes is a good ear. If you let the Teenagers vent with no judgements, they would seldom come to you. And if you wish to talk about what they were venting about, wait till they calm down a little bit. 


Know when you need to walk away

It is imperative to give your children some space to cool off. If a heated argument just started, let them have their space and cool off a bit. It is not just about them, you also get some time to gather your thoughts and talk to them in a calm manner. Sometimes, the intention is right, but if the right words are not used, it becomes very tricky. So take some time and then talk to them. 

Don’t beat or scold

If your teenager is already angry, scolding them can take a worse turn. It is better to talk to them in a calm manner. Sometimes it is the feeling that they have been holding on in their heart that makes them burst into anger. Make sure you don’t get angry and help them calm down. This is very imperative if you don’t want your children to develop an easily angered personality.


Try slow and deep breathing.

When you notice your child is getting angry, help them know you are there to help them. Whenever the argument is getting out of hand, encourage them to take deep breaths. It is such a great way to calm down, and it will ensure they also talk with more perspective and respect. 

At last, use these tips and help your child control their anger. It will be a little bit tricky, but it is very important for their future.

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