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Obedient Pets? Follow these tips for training your pets.

Like most people that have recently adopted a dog, you probably cannot wait to begin training your new canine companion. However, taking the time to start obedience training early on will help you build a stronger bond with your pup and lay the groundwork for long-term success when it comes to good behavior. So what’s the best way to start? Which training method works best? And what are the steps for training your pets?

Don’t fret, friends. Read on and learn about the tips you came here for. 

  • Start with a wise name: The first step to start your dog’s obedience training is giving your furry friend a name. If you have decided on a name, ensure that everyone in the house addresses the dog with the same name. It is an important aspect; without taking care of it, the doggo can get confused easily, and it is not something you want. Even though, when it comes to adult dogs, they are already familiar with their name. But, changing their name is not impossible, as dogs are adaptable and can get familiar with the new name.
  • Housetrain them: We have a designated space for everything. Dogs don’t know about that. You must housetrain them and know about the designated places for different things. Your dog needs to learn where and when to eat, drink, sleep, urinate, or defecate.
Train your Pets
  • Learn how and when to give positive reinforcements: Dogs aren’t hard to please. If you cuddle, tickle, or give them a nice scratch on the belly, they would be happy in no time. Of course, we didn’t forget about their favorite dog treats as well. But, just so you know, it is all about timing. Use these positive reinforcements as a reward when doing well with their obedience training. This will help get their training going faster and easier. 
  • Keep the training short: Dogs’ attention span is as short as children’s. If your furry friend seems disinterested and bored, even after trying to get their attention, try the next day again. Another day will be a fresh start, and if you keep the training short, they will listen and enjoy it. 
  • Socialize the dog: Dogs love to be around others and thrive in groups. It will give your dog a chance to play with other dogs and will be a great time to test out the newly-learned skills as well. 
Train your Pets

At last, training your pets will be a fun experience. But it will be a test of your patience, perseverance, and most of all, consistency. Staying consistent is the key and will surely show results. 

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