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The Benefits of Light Recovery Workouts.

Recovery conjures up images of relaxing in bed or chilling with a book. However, we usually think of healing as a passive process. Recovering from exercise does not necessarily mean being completely inactive. You may need passive rest some days, but sometimes it is best to take an active approach to recovery. We call it Light recovery workouts.

During your active recovery days, you should try to accomplish the following:

#1 Improves blood flow with active rest

Our hearts beat faster when we move, which causes the blood to circulate more rapidly. 

Our muscles receive oxygen and other nutrients more quickly. Also, toxins are removed more quickly. As a result, there is less lactic acid accumulation. Additionally, the nervous system can relax and use the energy to repair damaged tissues as levels of cortisol and adrenalin drop.

All of this beneficial material encourages faster adaptations as well as better, longer-lasting fitness improvements.

Because of this, the recovery process should begin during cool down, not only after the workout.

Being active on rest days will hasten recovery and keep your training enthusiasm high.

#2 Consistent training requires recovery workouts

For those who prefer an active rest day, 30 to 60 minutes of running, cycling, or another form of exercise would be ideal. Since the objective is to “collect the miles,” the effort should be minimal.

Such base-building recovery routines are wonderful because they let athletes increase their training volume without becoming overly tired.

Every elite athlete uses this frequency as their hidden weapon. Regular, gentle exercise progressively improves strength and stamina across the entire body. This has a snowball effect over time, and they eventually perform at a level that most people would consider impossible.

Recovery Workout

#3 Rest days between workouts are the perfect time to work on mobility

Common problems like knee and lower back discomfort are frequently caused by tightness and muscle weakness.

Make it a habit to consciously detect and release any tension throughout your body, whether it’s through foam rolling for ten minutes or by just doing a YouTube yoga video. Your body will feel relieved as long as you can feel the tension releasing.

Do not, however, overdo it.

When receiving myofascial release or a massage, pushing muscles to the point of discomfort has a similar impact to heavy training. The intense effect causes more microtrauma for the body to heal, which delays healing.

#4 Having active recovery days helps to keep stress levels low

An excellent opportunity to genuinely enjoy what you do is to have a day where you don’t have to exert much effort.

Spend some time taking in your surroundings and the present. 

A terrific method to reduce stress, elevate mood, and enhance general well-being is through this straightforward “mindfulness exercise.” Similar results to active meditation can be seen in athletes.

The best thing is that this happy mental attitude will “spill over” into other aspects of life. A cheerful individual is more likely to be content with life generally, eat well, and express gratitude and thankfulness more often.

Recovery Workout

#5 Socializing during active rest

There is no denying the need for commitment and concentration. But since we are all social beings, we require a social connection. Sharing our experience with someone else gives it greater meaning and frequently provides a different lens through which to see our lives.

Suppose we are so preoccupied with my training that we are obsessed with it. That took away most of the enjoyment and brought us dangerously near burnout.

Final words

In addition, Light recovery workouts help recover the things usually broken down in a heavy exercise. If you limit your heavy activities to only the upper body, the light activities can focus on throughput and power production, so when you get to your heavy workouts, you have more gas in the tank.

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