Impact of Covid_19 Lockdown
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Psychological Impact of Covid_19 lockdown

Lockdown and social distancing are essential measures taken to break down the infection of Covid_19. Staying at home can be quite satisfying for a few days, but it is boring when done for longer days. The various psychological effects due to house arrest are depression, anxiety, social isolation, mental stress, and rapid mood swings. The psychological impact of Covid_19 is a critical aspect that needs to be taken care of because good mental status during difficult times can help you win the battle. Uncertainty about the future, mental stress, depression are serious mental health conditions that can have a significant effect on people’s lives. Let us see how we can resolve all such psychological concerns effectively.

  1. Overcoming anxiety: Overcome your anxiety by doing some activity or hobby that can keep you engaged. Plan your daily routines by working in short bursts to overcome boredom. Keep yourself busy by having a regular schedule. Distract yourself by doing what you love to do; it can be listening to music, reading books, or painting.  
  2. Reset expectations: We humans have certain goals and expectations. It can be about your savings, promotion, or relationship with loved ones, but as there are significant changes around us, things are getting difficult. Try to set new expectations which can be fulfilled this year according to the current circumstances. This will help reduce the impact of covid_19
  3. Stay connected: Join social-interactive platforms and spend time with loved ones to overcome loneliness. Get in touch with your friends, colleagues, and relatives over the phone and social media. Keep your energy and thoughts engaged for doing something creative.  
  4. Acknowledge yourself: Acknowledge your feelings, mood swings, and fear that control you. Be constructive by doing things that can lift up your mood and can keep you happy.
Impact of Covid_19 lockdown

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  1. Stress threshold: Work on improving your physical and mental health. Exercise regularly, eat nutritious food, and drink enough water to keep your body well maintained. Meditate daily to get relief from stress and anxiety.  
  2. No negative thoughts: Avoid getting negative thoughts by watching Covid-19 news all day, checking for its symptoms, and talking about the same all day.  
  3. Desperation: Keep yourself away from smoking or drinking alcohol. These things will only give you temporary relief but will worsen your physical and mental health and reduce immunity.  
  4. Do not panic: Worrying won’t give you a solution, so stop being panic about the future. Do not believe everything you watch or read. If you have a financial strain, consult your financial advisor, and ask for help. 
  5. Communicate: Active communication is essential during this pandemic situation. Whatever is the problem, try to speak up and get it resolved. Communicate openly about your concerns with the people you trust. Consult a doctor if you need any help.
  6. Minimize screen time: Using too much social media can make you get lost in false beliefs, unhealthy comparison, and false news. Instead of using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all day, get yourself enrolled for an online course because doing this will enhance your skills.  
  7. Practice effective sleep and physical hygiene: Don’t let your days go mundane and monotonous. Take proper rest and maintain proper oral and physical hygiene so that it won’t be harder for you to return to the regular routine after lockdown.

Stay positive, no matter how difficult and stressful the situation is because you are not alone during this crisis. Impact of Covid_19 will not last forever if we fight it. Have faith things will be fine soon.

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