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How to make peace with your body type.

Being happy and satisfied in life depends on your thoughts. Bodily insecurities make you uncomfortable and unhappy in life. Body shaming thoughts about your body weight, size, and type impact your real health and inner peace. A constant feeling of body shaming distracts you every minute. We all are conscious about our body types. Some want to be taller, some smaller, some with more muscles, or more curves. We humans have issues with everything. In our society, being fat is ugly, thin is clothes on a hanger, dark is ugly, and all these statements are all about criticizing yourself for others. Let us know how we can do it. 

  1. Embrace yourself: Sit in a neutral position and meditate by concentrating on each of your body parts. Recognize the beauty of your every part. While doing so, if you feel some part is disturbing your thoughts just slow down. Always try to admire and love yourself for everything. Make a list of your body’s fantastic qualities to build your self-esteem and have peace with what you have. A perfect body is not only about your looks but the excellence of your inner soul
  2. Avoid being a victim: Be thankful for everything you have. Avoid being victims of other comments for your body type. Walk away when you are not comfortable with the comments for you. Don’t let yourself be a part of a negative attitude about your weight and size. Remember that the definition of a “Perfect body” will change with time and our cultures.  
  3. Self-care: Positive thoughts give peace to your inner soul and so with hygiene for a perfect body. Improve your self-esteem by keeping your body clean and smelling good. Take a bath every day, have a well-maintained hairstyle, and wear clean clothes.               
  4. Love yourself: Look in the mirror every day and be confident that you look beautiful. Smile and never let negative thoughts surround you. Remember that outer appearances are not validations for your inner soul and peace. 
  5. Keep improving: Work on improving your body posture. Maintain a good posture while walking, sitting, or doing anything. Upgrade your looks and self-esteem by making yourself feel better. Exercise regularly to improve your body image. Please do what you like, it can be yoga, biking, or walking. Exercise is a must because it gives you a perfect body and helps you to get relief from stress and negative thoughts.   
  6. Eat well: Eating healthy food is a must because it keeps your skin glowing and improves mental health. Eat fruits, vegetables, and cereals by cutting down junk food. Replace your desserts with fruit salads, ice cream with yogurt, and drink detox water to get into a perfect shape.
  7. Build up confidence: Wear the clothes that make you feel confident. If you are not comfortable wearing something, avoid it. Have a hairstyle that matches your attire. Work on the things that you want to change one by one. Focus on one thing at a time. It can be cutting down belly fat, fat around your chin, or putting on some weight as per your body type. Make a plan for improving things one by one.  
  8.  No comparison: Be grateful for what you are ad your body type. Comparing yourself with others triggers insecurities. If you are comparing yourself with other celebrities or someone on social media, it will pull you down, so be happy with what you are.
Body Type

 “Hope I had” statement will only make you a target for body shaming. So be yourself, love your body. Remember that “All bodies are good bodies”

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