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Practical lifestyle changes for a fit body

Practical lifestyle changes for a fit body

All of us look forward to being extremely fit and in shape but our hectic work schedules do not allow us to move from our work desks all day long therefore, leading to a predominantly sedentary lifestyle. Lack of physical activity and bad food choices inevitably lead to putting on weight. Everybody these days must know about some smart and practical tips that can be easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle to help achieve the goal of weight loss as well as maintenance of weight.

#1  Monitor your diet and respect your body

Try to keep your diet clean and fresh as far as possible. Eating junk food, consuming excess caffeine or tea adds toxins to your body which does not let your metabolism function. Having a cheat day, once a week to satisfy your food cravings but stay away from bad choices for the rest of 6 days. Include lots of salads, fruits, juices, green tea, etc in your diet.

Practical tips for a fit body images

Junk food harms your body in more ways than one. It acts by adding additional calories in your diet and saturated fats such as butter and ghee. So, steer clear of poor food choices like Pizza, burgers and fried snacks. Watch the size of your portions. As per famous International models, moderation is the key! Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day instead of three heavy meals.

#2 Learn different kinds of exercises

Try not sticking to same workout routine forever! Your body needs variety too. Even international models consider Yoga as a great stress buster and effective aid in the entire process of weight loss. Other great ways to workout for losing weight that is recommended by international models, include Ballet dancing, Kung fu, and pilates.

#3 Quit these!

By quitting just three things you can drastically help to lose those extra pounds. Stop or limit Wheat, Dairy and Sugar.

Practical tips for a fit body images

Alcohol and smoking lead to toxin build up and need to be stopped if you are aiming to lose weight. Drink up more water and hydrating fluids, instead.

#4 Detoxify

Helping your body detox is an amazing method of letting your body shed weight. Go for detox drinks like Lemon water, Green tea, Chamomile tea. Massages, dry brushing, deep breathing and mud based body wraps are all ways to flush out the toxic substances from your body.

Practical tips for a fit body images

#5 Mix up your workouts

Making working out a habit! The key is to make exercising for 30 to 40 minutes each day a part of your life and most importantly, stick to it strictly for at least a few weeks before, the workout becomes a part of your routine.

Practical tips for a fit body images

Mix up exercises. One can easily get bored with the same routine of weight training and treadmill. It is very important that you keep learning different types of workouts and mix them up to involve all of your body muscle groups and make working out an enjoyable activity. Mixing up swimming, aerobics yoga, weight training, kickboxing, pilates is a perfect wake to keep the spark alive!

Did you find these tips practical enough to follow?  What would you like to suggest us to maintain a healthy body?

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