Fatal Corona Virus
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How To Fight The Fatal Corona Virus

Our high paced world, which was moving with its usual ultra high speed, is seeing the biggest lockdown of all time. A virus called ‘COVID-19’ or ‘Novel Coronavirus’ known to have originated from Wuhan, China has spread its terror across the world. After taking thousands of lives in China alone, the Fatal Corona Virus has affected almost all parts of the world. 

The Novel Coronavirus is a highly contagious virus that enters the human body and affects the lungs except for the body of a person with a robust immune system. A person, with low immunity, who contracts the virus goes through three steps called viral replication, immune hyper-reactivity, and pulmonary destruction.

Without showing any symptoms, a person immune to the virus can act as a carrier of the virus; meaning, s/he can transmit the virus to the people with close physical contact. Also, if the affected person touches anything, the virus can survive on the surface of the thing for several hours. Later if another person touches the same stuff, the chances of him/her contracting the virus rises.  

How to stop the virus from entering into your system?

Following are the WHO guidelines to stop the spread of the Fatal Corona Virus.

  1. Wash your hands: You may accidentally touch a contaminated surface infected with the virus outside your home. Therefore, wash your hand with soap and water for at least 20 seconds every hour or every time you come home from outside. In case of no access to the soap and water, clean your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer. 
Fatal Corona Virus
  1. Elbow: Cover your mouth and nose with bent elbow or tissue while sneezing and coughing. Dispose of the tissue immediately. The droplets that come out of your nose and mouth may contain the virus, which can survive in the air for hours. If someone breathes the air, the virus may enter their systems too. By maintaining good respiratory hygiene, you can put a check on the spread of the virus. 
Fatal Corona Virus
  1. Don’t touch your face: Avoid touching your face, especially eyes, nose, and hand. We have a habit of touching our face now and then, but this is the perfect time to get rid of this bad habit. While touching our eyes, nose, and mouth, the virus in our hands may enter into our system and make us sick.
  1. Maintain distance: While interacting with others, stay at least one meter away from them. Social distancing is the most effective weapon to defeat Coronavirus.
Social Distancing
  1. Know the symptom and cooperate with medical experts: If you experience a fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing, isolate yourself in a room and immediately seek medical attention by making a call to a health expert in advance. Follow their instruction carefully.

Current Status

As of now(date 05 May 2020), there is no drug, vaccine, or home remedy to cure the Novel Coronavirus. Do not believe the rumors spread on the internet regarding the cure of the Coronavirus. Visit the official website of the World Health Organization (WHO) to get the latest update on COVID-19 and help your country flatten the curve.

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