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Difference between a genuine and fake friend

Friendship is one of the best relationships on earth. We, humans, live in groups, and meet different people in our life. The challenge is to distinguish between a genuine and fake friend. It is essential to know who is your fake friend and who is your real friend because a person impacts your life mentally and emotionally. Let’s see the difference between a real and Fake friend so that you can invest your emotions and time in a healthy relationship.

  1. Acceptance: A real friend accepts you with all your flaws. He never judges you for anything. A fake friend becomes genuine when you are with him but is the opposite in real life. A phony friend tries to manipulate you according to his wish. A real friend is happy to have you in life, whereas a fake friend always uses your weaknesses for his good. A fake friend is always jealous and egocentric, so he never listens to you. They want everything to go according to them. A fake person always carries some hidden agenda, and so does everything for his gain.
  2. Conditions: A real friend accepts you in all conditions. His friendship is not because of your money, fame, or name. He is the one who stands beside you in all situations. A fake friend’s friendship is good until you have wealth and title. he/she always expects something from you. The fake friend doesn’t care about your emotions and character. A fake relationship is completed based on the exchange of friendship with different needs.  
  3. Honesty: A real friend is always honest with you and so always cares and protects you during difficult situations. The fake friend always tries to pull you back in life. he/Se needs you only during his difficult times. A fake friend never respects your feelings. A fake friend usually disappoints you when it comes to you. They leave you alone whenever something more appealing pops up in life.
  4. Expectations: A fake friend always expects something from you. he/she uses you in terms of money, favor, career opportunities, physical needs, and emotionally. She/he tries to change your beliefs and morals for his profit. He always expects you to compromise for the sake of friendship. Friendship with a real person brings joy to your life because things here are flexible for both the person.
  5. Understanding: A real friend helps you achieve your desires because they want to see you happy. A fake friend never tries to understand you and always pull you down. A real friend is your problem solver and can do anything for you, whereas a fake friend sucks your energy and emotions. A fake friend always tries to dump you with negative thoughts and fear of failure. 
  6. Support: A genuine friend always supports you in all your decisions, whereas a fake friend always uses you as a support and disappears when you need them. A real friend accepts you with all your flaws. He forgives your mistakes and always value you. Even if something goes wrong, a real friend always tries to have you back in life and will always stand by you.
Genuine and Fake friend

Take some time for yourself and decide what type of people you are surrounded with. Learn to identify between a genuine and fake friend.

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