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It goes without saying that my Jug is my best friend for over 17 years and a wife for 16 years.  17 years of excitement, happiness, sorrows, joys, anxiety, pressure and sharing all together is an experience itself. I have this feeling of sharing almost everything with her and I feel comfortable doing so. Not to forget that she respects my feelings too, and has never been the possessive partner who would want to be with her husband always, checking his phone and shirt when he returns home. I guess we are each other’s Jugs only because we have given complete freedom to each other and have always shown faith and trust. This is the reason why we always hit well together and even though like all other couples we have our moments of disagreement and arguments, these moments don’t last more than a few moments only because of the strong bond of understanding we have between us.


When we saw the trailer of Dear Zindagi, a movie which features Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhatt, we actually looked at each other with a knowing smile. In this movie Alia compares Shahrukh to a Jug. A Jug here meaning a person who is closest to you and the one to whom you can share the secrets of your life without any fear or embarrassment. I feel the same too with my wife, even when she was not my wife. She was my friend initially and soon we became best friends. I have a large friend circle and some really close friends for whom I am the shoulder to lean on during their lean times and most of them have shared some of their closest, darkest and extremely personal secrets with me. This has been this way ever since my college days and I am blessed to have so many friends around who depend on me in times of their needs. The fact also remains that over they have confided in me over the years only because of my Jug. They know that she would never pester or emotionally blackmail me to share what is not hers.


The respect and space which she has given me in our relationship when we were best friends and when we are a couple now, apart from being best friends, has been the main factor for me having such a large friend circle and most importantly, having friends who come and share their secrets with me without hesitations. I on my part have been very honest and true to my friends by keeping their secrets in my heart. My Jug has also helped me grow as an Individual and kept the romance alive, seamlessly, with her ever caring and loving nature. I have learned from her the true essence of friendship. She was my Jug even when she was not family and she is my Jug even after becoming Family. They say marriages are made in heaven. I would go a step ahead and say that every person’s Jug is made in heaven. am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.

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