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The BESTSELLER she wrote – Review

  • ISBN: 978-93-85152-38-2
  • Genre: Romance / Drama / Thriller
  • Publishers: Westland Books
  • Price: ( I got the book from Blogadda for a review)

About the author :Ravi Subramanian is an alumnus of IIM Bengaluru and has spent over 20 years working for global banks in India. Four of Ravi’s seven bestselling titles are award winners. The Bestseller She Wrote marks the beginning of a new genre ‘Romance’, for Ravi in his writing. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Dharini, and daughter, Anusha.

Plot: Aditya Kapoor is basking in the glory of his success with Paperbacks and is one of the most successful authors of today. He is every man’s fantasy and all want to be in his shoes where he is on a roll. Maya, his understanding wife is always there for him. Shreya Kaushik is an aspiring writer like many others who is a fan of Aditya. She wants to get close to him and wants him to make her one famous author. She is ready to do anything to become successful and is lucky enough to get close to him. Can Aditya love two people at the same time? Is it possible for anyone to love two people at the same time? What follows is betrayal, hatred, conspiracy or a mix of all. A twist at the end of the story to finish it off perfectly.

Review: The book is no wonder a pick for the Bollywood movie, start to end it was all so film like. The character of Shreya goes slightly overboard in reacting by sexual harassment threat and stuff. Aditya shows immense courage in the end, which is a plus and a learning for all who err. Ravi is not very comfortable handling Romance which is evident, but at the same time it is a welcome move that he has forayed in this new genre.  He has ensured that the intimate scenes remain intimate and not turn vulgar. Kudos for that. The mention of Blogadda in the book is a welcome and pleasant surprise.The overall book is a must read.

This book is available online on Flipkart, Amazon or pick it up from your nearest bookshop.

You can follow author Ravi Subramanian on twitter – @subramanianravi he’s a very interactive author! Looking forward to more books in the future.

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