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Dad was never of  the typical old generation most of the youth have. He was particular about what he did and his personality and maybe that was one reason why some of the work considered purely for women, were done by him. That had imbibed the habit in me too, and I too was used to #ShareTheLoad from a very young age. I was used to go down and purchase groceries for the household, day-to-day need vegetables, iron my clothes and to some extent wash a few clothes. I loved helping mom in all this work and she too appreciated the efforts, though in the initial days the chores must have all gone wrong and maybe that made her work a bit extra to get them all corrected. On the brighter side, I improved soon  and became a good help for Mom and Dad was always there to take care of a few chores when it came to work.

In the 1990’s we got a washing machine and I somehow decided to take the onus on myself to #ShareTheLoad of Mom and later wife. One of my friend right from School and college days used to make fun of me when I used to tell him that I help mom with her household chores. I never answered him back on this topic and continued doing my work. Time flew fast and we all grew up, got married and settled in life. What I had learned from my father, I taught my son and he too has started to #ShareTheLoad of his mom along with me and help her with the household chores. My school friend now calls me up specially for this or when we meet up he makes it a point to apologize for the school day’s leg pulling as he now realizes his mistake. Since he never saw his father help his mother, he himself did not do the same ever.

Such attitude leads to the following problems:

  1. A person is always dependant on others to do some of his work.
  2. He starts getting the feeling that some chores are exclusively to be done by women.
  3. He is not able to teach his children to #ShareTheLoad as he himself has never done so.

Now, after the marriage, the newlywed wife expected some help from her husband (my school friend) but he really did not bother. Now with the kids grown up and not taking up any responsibility, my friend gets upset. He now realizes that it’s too late to incorporate such habits in a young man. He now feels it’s too taxing on his wife, but now can’t help her in any way. I advised him to start now and learn to do some household chores which would also set an example to his children. I have done my part by speaking to my friends who laughed at me during school days by motivating them now to put these good habits in their kids so that they become responsible men of the society. They have now realized that the new generation needs to taught these basic things for their better future, before they get in our seat. Now its your turn to start the same and create awareness. Are you ready?

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

Uttpal K

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