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CaratLane Love story Indeed!

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Been married for 15 years now and keeping the spark still alive is purely because of the wits and rekindled love which we experience every now and then. We both have an extra funny bone and that ensures enough laughter all day as we go 5 years past 40 now. It was some years back that we had wanted to go to a water park (the first one after we had got married) I have a problem with water( phobia maybe) and a definite problem (confirmed phobia) of heights so I avoid it as much as possible. It was our kid who forced us to go on this adventurous outing and I knew from the word go that I was in deep trouble. :p

As the weekend came close, I lost appetite and my wife started pulling my leg on it. I too responded in  the most jovial manner to hide my actual feelings (strange feeling which happens in the stomach and you feel a churning movement). We packed the bags and left at 7 in the morning so as to get the maximum time to spend at the waterpark (typical Indian Mentality – β€œPaisa Wasool Karo”) We reached the park as if to open the gates and there we were in the midst of the enemy territory where all those huge water rides(which looked like Alien enemy monsters) looked at me with an evil grin mocking every step which I took. πŸ˜€

With my heart in my mouth, I bravely participated in a few small rides and my son and wife applauded the effort with actual claps (embarrassment in front of the other unknown people there) I too used to get out of all the rides as if I had downed  one monster and came out with the victorious smile. We all had a good time till Lunch and had a late filling lunch at about 3 pm. We roamed around and watched a few more games and came to a huge slide. We have to climb up to the top which is about 100 feet (looked like Kilometers from below) and then slide down into the water which was about 5 feet. So one thing is sure, you fall from that height and you have to go down in the water at least once for some time before you surface back (if you surface back). I looked away and even started walking, but my sweet wife and ever sweet son (who had now changed sides and joined the enemy) convinced me to go up and slide once for them. I climbed up to the top and looked down. For a moment I thought this was all a bad joke which would get over soon and my family, my loving family would call me down (I realized then that they had turned traitors and had given me IN to the enemy) The large monster on whom I was standing was laughing loudly and challenging me to come on it’s tongue so that he could slide me down in the river of death. The heart, which was in my mouth all the time had already popped out somewhere and I was not sure if I was sweating or was it the water, but felt a lot of it running down my back. I also heard loud drumming (the enemy was already celebrating my death), which I later realized was my own heartbeat playing I my ears. I looked bravely down to my family (I was saying my last prayers in my mind) and since I was taking so much time to slide down, a young boy of about 9 years (I am sure he was one from the enemy camp) pushed me, literally. Before I knew I was sliding down to my death, I closed my eyes and just before doing that I saw my wife thoroughly enjoying my death. I hit the water and I knew I was entering hell post death. πŸ˜€

I surfaced on my own after many years (I think it was 15-20 seconds) to see my wife standing there with a worried look, a satisfied look that I had taken the plunge and a look of admiration for what I had done for her. After my heartbeat stabilized, and as I walked through the water to reach her, I could see Love in her eyes, the same love when I had seen her when I had proposed her some years back before tying the knot.  I knew that was the funniest #LoveAndLaughter moment with my better half when I had slid down funnily and hit the water. I kept looking at her and the world stopped, rather went in a slow motion. I came out of the water slowly and she hugged me tight. The embrace said it all and we both were lost for a long time. Our good understanding Son waited patiently for our romantic moments to subdue before he could jump in between us. We laughed like mad and had about 50 onlookers to witness us doing that. My wife had actually shot a video of mine tumbling down the slide which was used to embarrass me for many months whenever we had some guests at home. There have been many moments in our lives when we see a water slide on the Television or elsewhere, look at each other and burst out laughing. #LoveAndLaughter go hand in hand and me and my wife are blessed to have many such funny moments to share.

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35 thoughts on “CaratLane Love story Indeed!

  1. Things we do for love sometimes with love and sometimes it creates the cuter funny story like yours. Very lovely read UK. May your family stay happy always and keep smiling.

  2. 15 years – great going UK….congrats to both of you…As I read the post, I had that strange ‘jumpy’ feeling. I love the way you visualized it with humor. May that extra funny bone of you two make the world more merrier…:)

  3. What a lovely story! Congratulations – did you enjoy it finally? And would you do it again? How about posting the video that your wife took of you!!

    1. Yes, now that I think of it, guess I now do. πŸ˜€ I deleted the video some months after the incident. It was too much of an embarrassment then, when she used to show it to one and all coming home.. :p I will see if I have a backup copy somewhere, I would surely post it..

  4. You are like my father. He stays away from any sort of adventurous activities. It’s really important to have a funny side to keep the spark alive in marriage. 15 years… that’s a long time. Keep going and stay happy together.

    1. Am I Saru? I act funny to bring a smile on faces. Yes 15 years and falling in love over and over again I will say.. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the wishes.

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