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How to scrape off bad memories

Everyone goes through a number of experiences in life that create memories. Some of the memories can be cherished lifelong, whereas some leave you anxious and deflated. To get relief from anxiety, you need to delete such memories permanently and move on. Let us know how exactly we deal with our lingering unwanted bad memories.

  1. Remove the junk: Certain objects or places can trigger your bad memories. If you avoid those things, you can quickly get rid of those bad ones. 
  2. Try switching: Train your mind to switch from bad memories to a happier one. The moment bad memory surrounds your mind shifts it to something that makes you happy. If you keep practicing this, these bad ones will surely go away. You can try pairing a bad memory with a happier one.  
  3. Let go: It would be best if you make a stand for yourself, that is, by detoxicating your mind and soul. Above anything, it is you who need to choose what type of life wants to live. Even if a memory flickers across your mind, avoid making a chain of it. Stop thinking; just let a thought come and pass away without affecting your soul. Learn to forget these sad memories as they leave traces in our conscious and unconscious mind.

What to do in present day?

  1. Enjoy your present: Be mindful with your thoughts. Instead of dwelling past memories or getting worried about the future, be in the present and live it. Thinking or getting anxious won’t change anything, so focus on making yourself stronger. Meditation is the best way to keep all distractions away, so focus on something that can make you happy.
  2. Keep yourself busy: Keep yourself busy so that you have time only for good ones. Engage yourself by meeting up with your friends, relatives, or following up on a new hobby. If you are alone or have too many leisure hours, the possibilities of getting dwelled in older memories are more. Utilize your energy in grooming yourself or making happy memories. 

In Future..

  1. Create new memories: Enjoy your present, create new ways to keep your mind full. Spend your time with people who you like, do things that make you feel happy. Forming new memories helps to grave old memories.
  2. Say “No” to alcohol: Drinking alcohol or using drugs isn’t a solution for your anxiousness. Using it can make you calm for a few moments, but it leaves you with more depression, anxiety, and irritability. Instead of getting addicted to alcohol or drugs, eat nutritious food, and get enough sleep. Taking care of yourself is very important if you wish to scrape these memories.

Bottom line: Getting over traumatic memories isn’t easy. It will go off slowly, so be patient and keep trying. Don’t try to suppress your emotions, speak to someone who can understand you. It is okay to be sad or hurt, cry out if you want, but don’t allow these memories to ruin your present. Never ignore your pain and emotions related to these bad memories. Feel free to take the help of your doctor if you are facing any difficulty.

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