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How to make children feel loved and wanted

Making someone feel loved and wanted plays a significant role in emotional and mental well-being.  It makes your child stronger. Due to the Covid_19 situation we all are mostly locked down at home. We all are approaching a break point and children especially have become very sensitive. Love, affection, and respect are as important as food and shelter. We love our children unconditionally, but are they aware of this? Showing your love gives a sense of belongingness and security. You must forget all your works and make your child feel special. So, slow down and enjoy the special moments with your children. Consider these ideas in your regular routines to be a significant influencer in your child’s life. Let us see today how to make children feel loved and wanted.

Important pointers to remember

1) Give attention:   Often, your children take to do a lot of things to seek your attention.  They draw, dance, and crack jokes to catch your attention.  The best idea is to take a few pictures while they are doing so. Doing this creates not only memories but also puts the impression that you are with them.  Give them an appreciation for everything they do.

2) Listen to them:  Listen to your children actively; these are not only words but their emotions and feelings.  Allow them to express their opinions freely.  Self-expression should always be supportive.  Listening to him will help you to know about your child’s negative emotions.  Once you are aware of his negative emotions, you can try to change them.  Build trust and be supportive before you try to change them.

3) Take help:   Take the help of your children in small things like preparing the salad, wiping tables or windows, serving meals, or cleaning the refrigerator.  Asking for help gives them power and respect.  They feel proud to do all this for you.  Taking help in small things strengthens the bond between a mother and child.  

4) Snuggle them:  Snuggle your child before he grows too old and stops asking for it.  It gives a feeling of respect and a sense of security.  You love them a lot, but it is necessary to say it.  Use the phrase “I love you” when it is needed and not expected.  Kisses, hugs, and cuddles are code words for gaining a child’s trust. Children feel loved and wanted.

5) Support their failure:  Failure gives you a chance to learn new things.  To accept your child’s failure as a new opportunity where they can do their best.  Give assurance that you are always with them and children feel loved.

Some more Important ones..

6) Treat them:  Know about your child’s choices and things that make them feel happy.  Surprise him by giving small treats or favorite snacks in the tiffin.  Your little acts of kindness make them feel special, and you ultimately gain their trust.  You can also treat them by inviting their friends to small parties.

7) Open communication:   Spend some time to nurture your relationship with care and love.  Allow long and open communication where you both can share your feelings to unfold the deep emotions.   Going on a date with your child, it is just you and your child.  Ask questions, “How was your day?” or some open-ended questions where they can express their feelings.

8) Keep promises:  Fake promises can ruin your relationships as they invite mistrust and insignificance.  Please think twice before you make a promise and try to complete it. If you are unable to keep your promise due to some emergency plan out in some other way.

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