Toxic People
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How to deal with toxic people.

Toxic people cannot be avoided; we all have at least one such person in our life. They can be in the form of your colleagues, boss, family members, or friends. They are the ones who hurt you by manipulating their behavior.  Instead of trying to change others, save your energy for doing something better in life. The tricks here will help you to take care of yourself from toxic people.

1) Set your boundaries:  We can’t please everyone in life.  People will come and go in life, but toxic people will try to cross all your boundaries. 

They will harm you emotionally and mentally.  Listen to your inner voice; you need to decide what is right or wrong for you.  Set your boundaries so that you don’t bend according to the toxic person’s will. 

2) Stop helping:  Toxic people will need you when for sympathy, attention, or support.  They are very creative in playing such games.  Remember that you are dealing with an unemotional, selfish person and not with a normal one.

3) No explanations:  Don’t give any explanations or excuses for any of you.  Giving explanations will contaminate your soul and disturb you emotionally.  Be smart, understanding, loving, caring, helping, and respecting only for yourself. Don’t allow people to enter your life who can affect your strengths.

4) Know yourself: You must know about your weaknesses and strengths.  Knowing about your weakness can make you strong.  People won’t be able to use your flaws against you if you are aware of your inner self.  Once you accept that whatever others think about you doesn’t matter, you will be the happiest person in this world.  

5) Don’t be the victim:   Avoid being a victim of others’ thoughts and decisions.  Looking for appreciation from others will always demotivate you. Don’t drain your energy for getting compassion, generosity, attention, and humanity from a toxic person.  Always give your best, but never hope of getting something back.  

6) Be reactive:  An authoritative, toxic person considers your underaction as permission to treat you the same way repeatedly.  Overreaction can also inspire a narcissist to play more games on you.  It is essential to be reactive and stand for yourself.

Toxic People

7) Trust yourself:   Lack of trust and judgment can ruin you.  We usually rationalize the toxic behavior of our loved ones and keep falling back.  Take necessary actions before your explanations for others’ behavior becomes a pattern.  Know that self-doubt will always pull you back.  

8) Exit strategy:   Be firm and decisive with whom you can’t avoid.  There will be situations where you can’t avoid such people, so it is better to plan an exit strategy instead of taking it personally. Don’t be rude but a smart person who knows how to handle the situation. Keeping a toxic relationship can pull down your self-esteem, finances, and emotional balance.  If things are going too high, it is good to plan your exit. 

9) Put a full stop on abusive behavior:  Abusive behavior is not limited only to words, emotional or physical, but ignoring someone is also abusive behavior.  Abuses are never okay, so there is no gain in hiding or tolerating them.

Summing up:  You don’t need to tolerate toxic people until something gets very serious.  Take necessary steps before it’s too late.

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