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How to be content with all you have.

Human basic, physiological and emotional needs are the core cause of our stress that results in mental and physical imbalance. Once your needs are fulfilled, we should be happy, but our fickle mind behaves in the opposite way; it goes on multiplying our wants and desires. We crave for more and more pleasures which are usually material. Day in and day out we crave for name, fame, money, and power. The outcome of all such desires invites sorrows, agonies, and despairs. Let us know how we can quench the thirst of our six senses and the eternal thirst. Let us try to understand how to be content with what we have.

1) Show gratitude: Appreciate whatever you have in life rather than expecting something to change or make something happen. Stop living in the past or with the future instead savor the moments in the present. 

Be grateful for at least something. It can be your kids, your health, or supportive family. Be thankful for some situation in your life. Enjoy small moments in your life like sipping a cup of tea, eating berries, reading a book, or chatting with friends. Focus on things that make you feel happy rather than thinking about what you don’t have. Be satisfied, and start celebrating your happy moments. Recognize how lucky you are each day. 

2) Know your value: knowing our values give us a sense of fulfillment in life. Whenever you have thoughts in mind, ask yourself if you are honoring your values in your life. Make a list of at least five important values, according to you. Your values should always keep you motivated, passionate, fulfilled, and rewarded in life.

How to be content

3) Be mindful: Be aware of your thoughts, feelings, and external environment. Enjoy this moment instead of dreaming or thinking about other things. Scan your body from top to bottom when your emotions are running high. Become aware of your senses as your emotions control you and your actions. Meditate and exercise regularly for cultivating mindfulness.

4) Embrace yourself and others: Embrace everything within you. Love the curiosity, strengths, and weakness within you. Be curious to know about yourself more and more. Be happy with every moment that you are living. Never criticize yourself for anything, look around yourself, and ask what I am good at? Similarly, stop criticizing others too. Think and ask yourself, “What is good about this person?” Rather than expecting others to change, change your mindset that everything is good. Believe you are perfect, others are also perfect, and life is just perfect.

5) Say “No” to comparison: We compare our life with that of others. Many of the times, we compare our life, relationships, responsibilities, and possessions with movie stars and other celebrities we think are perfect but actually not real. Never compare your relationships with others. Remember that relationships improve only when we know how to be content with what we have.

6) Be generous: Chasing after new styles, toys, and technology are all acts of being selfish and narcissistic. Check your wardrobe before you buy something new. If your stock is no longer useful to you, be generous and donate them to the needy one. This teaches how to be content.

Summing up: The key to eternal happiness lies within you. If you wish to rediscover eternal happiness, look inside you.  You are the force and you have the power to bring you happiness back in life. It is only YOU who has to travel on the path of happiness after learning how to be content with what you have.

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