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Condoms-An Experience

It was those days when I used to supervise some construction work going at our factory site and was used to see all the Iron work and cement slabs everywhere. The smoke from welding and the bright light was common for us then.  It was one such afternoon when I was walking on a deserted road near the factory after a lunch break. The roads there used to be deserted in afternoon with hardly a vehicle or two moving.

As I was walking towards the factory gate, I saw a longish box wrapped in newspaper on the road. What immediately came to my mind was the welding rods. I presumed one of our workers might have dropped it on the road while carrying from one gate to the other.  I picked it up calmly without a blink and walked inside the factory gate. I was surprised for a moment, though, as the box was light as compared to the welding rod box which is pretty heavy. Nevertheless, I went to my cubicle and placed the box on my table and went on with my work. Post Tea break, I went for a routine round at the factory where the work was on and carried the box with me to give it to the workers. We greeted each other and since I was popular with the team, they all gathered around me for a chat.

I removed the newspaper wrapping to give the rod box to the workers and was shocked to see condom packets stacked in order and tied with a rubber band and the whole tied stack gave the feeling of a Welding rod box. I could see popped out eyes all around me and my ears were hot and I could feel them going red as I blushed.  I had to overcome that feeling quickly and get a grip of myself. I did so quickly and covered up my mistake by laughing out aloud and grabbing attention of one and all. I then went on to tell them that I got the box deliberately to the factory premises.

With all ears now attentive and looking at me with great expectations, my heart pounded a bit faster now. They knew I always gave them good advice on their lifestyle and mannerisms. So I started off bluntly by telling them about the disadvantages of having unsafe sex. Since there were a few slums which were red light areas, nearby and I knew most of the workers went there once in a while, I made it a point to elaborate the risks they were subjected to. I then handed over a packet each to the workers listening to me and urged them to use whenever they explored unknown territories. I forgot that our Director was a witness to all this and was listening intently to my little speech. In fact, he was the first one to clap and what started as covering up for my small mistake of picking up the wrong pack and opening it at the wrong place became an initiative in the company. The Director issued orders to distribute Condoms to all workers in the factory and also started periodic medical check-up for all workers. I was called in by the Board of directors for the next AGM and was appointed in a welfare committee. I myself realized the importance of a condom that day after so much of respect came in my way.

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