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Buying Home Theatres and Speakers

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When does one think of a Home theatre and speakers ? But obvious when one goes to the theatre to see a movie. The moment the music, the action and the sound start, we are thrilled with the pure clarity, surround sound effect and the magic it creates while watching the video on the large screen. When we come out of the theatre, we all have a satisfied look and a beaming face, humming the tune of the last song we heard. We reach home, freshen up and start our DVD, put on the music and immediately get disappointed. This happens because we compare the Theatre sound with the one we have at home. Then we start thinking what is the best way to get the similar effect at home as its not actually possible to go to a theatre daily to get good quality music. The next day we take out time to go to various shops to try and get a feel of the brands, the price and the quality of various home theatres and speakers in the market. Here we have to keep a few aspects in mind. The best home theatre comes in a set of a subwoofer, center speaker and satellite speakers. The subwoofers handle the entire frequency range, producing the low bass of the movie explosions, the center speaker is responsible for the quality of the audio, the dialogues during a movie or song and the satellite speakers throw higher frequencies and shift the audio from left to right and vice versa or back to front and vice versa. Sound bars are an alternative for Home theatre and speakers, but eventually one realizes that they can’t give the same surround sound impact of a Home theatre system.

Ideally place two speakers near the TV screen on each side and one in the center. Place speakers in each corner of the room where the system is installed. It is essential to place a speaker each behind the seating space so as to get a similar Theatre experience. Ensure that the speaker unity is maintained. Keep all speakers from the same manufacturer. All Home theatre speakers come with a subwoofer and several speakers as per your need. If one gets a subwoofer with over 100 watts of RMS power and can achieve 30 Hz, it brings you closer to what you desire. Speakers should be ideally close to 100Hz and able to achieve ultrasonic frequencies above 20kHz. The satellite speakers should be kept on ones left and right side and also at the back to give the surround sound effect. If one gets the wall mount types then it’s the best. Drivers should be ideally above 3 inches for handling larger frequency range. The good and branded Home theater system and speakers start Rs.25,000/- upwards. I am sure once you have a nice branded 5.1home theatre and speaker system installed in your house you will not miss going to the theater every weekend.

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  1. Nice post there and good tips too 🙂 I have a Bose system and the positioning is recommended by the company so wasn’t a big hassle 🙂

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