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Buying a Pre-owned car in Coimbatore

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I happened to be in Coimbatore last month for a business trip of 3 weeks. Since I have made friends in almost all towns and cities, I prefer staying at friend’s places rather than hotels and they all welcome me with warm hearts whenever I go to their towns. So here I was at my friend Vinod’s place sipping coffee and recollecting school days where we had studied together. We were one large group during school days and stayed connected even after 20 years of leaving school life behind. I was glad I had such old friends with me when I travelled all over India as they always made me feel at home.

I realized over coffee that Vinod was a bit restless and kept looking at his watch while we spoke. I asked him casually and he told me that he planned to buy a used car in Coimbatore for his wife as she was taking Driving lessons and he did not want to give his swanky new car to her while she was new at driving. I asked him “What’s the problem then? Go buy a used car, there would be so many dealers around you.” Vinod said “No UK, I need a dealer who would not cheat me on this deal and would not give a damaged car. I don’t know whom to trust here.” Since I had worked in the car segment in my early career days I decided to help Vinod here.

So I assured him that I would help him over the weekend and left for work. Over the weekend we started early and I took Vinod to a few car owners who wanted to sell their cars and who had placed advertisements in the Newspapers, to whom Vinod had responded and asked for an appointment to see the vehicle. After requesting the owners for a test drive, I took Vinod out along with me in the car and showed him the possible faults a car could have which are not known to a novice. I also showed him how to check the papers of the vehicle before buying one and make thorough inquiry about the insurance part of the vehicle. I then took him to some dealers who sold used cars in Coimbatore and there again showed him how to check the genuinity of the car and the car papers. I also instructed him to check the reliability of the dealer who sell repaired cars.

We then went to the big dealers who sell Pre-owned cars in Coimbatore with warranty papers over the next one year or so. Though  these cars were slightly expensive than the regular used cars, one has an assurance if anything goes wrong with the car. Having spent the entire Saturday and Sunday over these three categories of private sellers, small dealers and Pre-owned car dealers in Coimbatore, we sat down during dinner and I gave him a few ideas on deciding the used car prices in Coimbatore based on its brand and year of purchase while keeping in mind the number of owners the car has had in the past.  With this basic info Vinod seemed more than happy and thanked me for the help I had given him. He promised me that he would look at all the aspects before buying a used car in Coimbatore for his wife. I left Coimbatore the next morning with a satisfied heart that I could help my friend when he needed it.

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