Mental and Emotional Health
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Boost mental and emotional health during corona.

Now, how many times do we feel mentally and emotionally drained and confuse it with fatigue? This is the most appropriate time to answer the question because, during house arrest, there is no chance of getting tired physically. That brings us to the conclusion that we often feel tired because we don’t give enough attention to our mental and emotional health & well being.

The shutdown has given us enough time to introspect and point out our brain’s needs that we often overlook.  Feel free to do things listed-below whenever you get time for yourself.

Mental and Emotional Health
  • Stop overthinking. Don’t constantly judge yourself based on what other people think of you. Respect and embrace your quirkiness.
  • Help others, but don’t go out of your way for it. Helping people in need gives you a sense of self-satisfaction. 
  • Learn something new every day. A piece of completely new information acts as brain food and makes you aware of your environment.
Mental and Emotional Health
  • Do things that challenge your creativity. Invent something new that has more to do with creativity. Paint, write, take music lessons, cook, or do whatever you like to do. This helps a lot to improve your Mental and Emotional health.
Get More Creative
Dog Love
  • Get a pet. Having a pet is no less than a responsibility. But, pets love you selflessly and teach you to love selflessly. Initially, you may have a hard time adjusting to this new change, but you will get used to it in no time. The affection you will receive from your pet will make you feel wanted and important.
  • Self-pampering is an actual thing. Gift something to yourself. It could be as small as making a smoothie, dessert, or any dish you love. You can also give chocolate, flowers, or cards to yourself.

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