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Airtel 4G

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I was anticipating this for a while and a few months back, I bought a Redmi Note 4G enabled. When I bought the phone many ridiculed me for buying something which was very expensive and something which a common man could not afford. They also felt that 3G was fast enough and the smooth 4G which actually takes care of the smoothness of rolling is not needed. I kept mum and listened to all the taunts and the quick ones cracked both behind my back and in front of me at times. I waited patiently and prayed that someday I would be able to give a fitting answer to all these Technologically illiterate people.

Finally Airtel gave me what I needed. I woke up in the morning to see that the new 4G commercial has been aired declaring the national launch. I am currently on a 3G plan and I am pretty excited looking at the launch of its latest commercial.

The brand new website www.airtel.in/4G speaks at length about all the offerings of the product and what is more we can get the new 4G Sim delivered at home free of cost. I am so keen to get this new Sim that after the declaration today, I have already called up the customer service and requested them to replace my Current 3G Sim as soon as possible and I have been assured a quick replacement soon. Once I have the new 4G Sim, I know what I have to do. Since I already have a 3G data pack activated on my postpaid plan I will just have to replace my old Sim with the new one and without saying a single word or raising my hand, give a tight slap to my friends who ridiculed me. I am sure after seeing the 4G speed and performance at that affordable price they will all take up the new Airtel 4G Sim and apologize to me. I will also forgive them as “Har ek friend sorry hota hai”

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4 thoughts on “Airtel 4G

  1. Wow, I have heard a lot about the Redimi Note ! Airtel’s 4G has got fabulous reviews and I just requested a new 4G SIM today ! Can’t wait to experience fastest network ever :))

    1. Yes Najm, I love the Note. Superfast and good battery life with 4G enabled, so it will be more smooth surfing for me post taking the 4G. 🙂

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