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Where Dance meets Dance

Recently I came across this interesting platform for dancers and the first and foremost question which comes to my mind was “Can I dance?” when I saw The Dance Bible on Facebook. I will first talk a little bit about the website here. The website is comprehensive in itself, giving all details, section wise for Dance videos, Dance Audios, Dance styles,  Dance anatomy, Interviews, Biographies, dance schools, Dance freelancers, Dance diaries, Dance events, Dance Forum and so on. Each segment is well populated with relevant information to help the inexperienced and the pro equally.


Most importantly, there is a portfolio section which helps Freelancers and Dance schools alike to display their talent on such a large platform. A newbie who wants to learn dance has to first go to the Dance styles segment and select the dance styles which may suit him. One can then study the Dance anatomy section in detail to know how to take care of one’s body parts while dancing. Using the search option the person can find a dance school in his area and connect with the school/freelancer for further guidance.

Dance Portfolio

Dance Schools

As far as the professionals are concerned, they can upload events and tell the world about the coming performances, events and their achievements.  Professional bloggers can connect with the Dance Bible directly and cover events or review events and in return get Event tickets as compensation for their efforts. So Music and Dance bloggers also have something interesting here. In case any professional wants to add a new audio/video track, that too can be added by requesting the Dance Bible management.


Overall the Dance bible IS a Bible of dance having anything and everything what a dancer would need to fulfill his dream and vision. I only felt that they should write about these styles too:

Boogie-Woogie which is a form of swing dance and a form of blues piano playing.

Cabbage patch which is a dance involving putting the hands together in the form of fists and moving them in a horizontal, circular movement.

Cakewalk is a dance developed from the Prize Walks held in the late 19th century, mostly at Meetups or get-together’s on slave plantations in the South United States.

Charlseton is a dance which can be danced solo, or with a partner. It is simple and has flexible basic steps making it easy to concentrate on styling and the basic step resembles the natural walking movement, though it is usually performed in one place.

Chicago stepping is an Urban dance which originates from Chicago and continues to evolve and improvise while defining its unique style in the context of mainstream Swing Dance.

Stomp  is an English dance form, which refers to the “shuffle and stomp” movements of dance which is supposed to have been a crazy or drunken dance.

Texas Tommy is a dance form with a Kick and a hop three times on each foot followed by a slide. It is an old dance form popular around 1900-1915.

Ballroom dance which is popular for ages and which will remain popular forever.

After seeing the website (www.thedancebible.com) and going through all the details, I felt confident of not only learning a few dance forms but also performing confidently once I had mastered the art.

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