Travelling with Babies Made Easy
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Travelling with Babies Made Easy

Couples who love travelling often have to give it up because traveling with babies is not easy. However, with careful planning and preparation, one can streamline the process. Travelling is good for babies because they get to see new things and explore new surroundings. It is healthy for their brain development too. Also, it gives couples some time to bond away from the monotony of their personal and professional lives.

Traveling with babies is surely  tricky as they are so prone to injuries and can catch infections easily while travelling. So, you need to be careful in terms of keeping them safe and sound. In my personal opinion, avoid traveling for long distances with infants below one year of age as they are still getting used to the world and have low immunity, too. After your baby reaches the milestone of one, they are slightly easier to travel with because they have a more or less set routine and have started solids and developed some immunity, at least.

Travelling with Babies Made Easy

Here are some pointers that will streamline your process of traveling with your babies and toddlers:

  • Plan journeys around their bedtime. You will have an easier time commuting when they are asleep.
  • A/C trains and airplanes have dry air which can make your child’s nasal pathways congested. To avoid this keep them hydrated and always carry Nasal Saline drops for emergency. .
  • Always carry baby food on the go. It is better to carry something that would not perish soon. Instant food mixes like cerelac are the best bet while traveling. You just need to mix in boiled water and you are good to go.
  • If travelling by plane, feed your baby during take off and landing. This helps reduce middle ear pain. Pre-book a bassinet and upgrade your seats to get some extra leg space.
Some more pointers:
  • Bug bites can be avoided by using mosquito patches and herbal insect sprays on your baby’s clothing. It is best to make them wear clothes that cover maximum skin.
  •  Carry cozy clothing to keep your baby warm and comfortable while traveling. Also, pack keeping in mind the weather of the place you are visiting.
  • Toddlers can be kept busy by carrying some of their favourite toys, books and snacks.
  • Diapers, changing mat, moisturizer, disposal bags and wet wipes are never to be forgotten when you are traveling with your baby.
  • If possible, carry a baby carrier bag and/or stroller while traveling. It surely seems like a botheration at first but it reduces the effort and fatigue of carrying your baby around in your arms all the time.
  • If you are traveling overseas, please get your child vaccinated for the most common infections prevalent in that part of the world. A good pediatrician can help you with that. Consult your doctor about the most common medicines you should carry,too.

Travelling with Babies Made Easy

There is no doubt that traveling with babies is not carefree but where there is a will, there is a way. If you are really Keen on traveling, just keep in mind the above tips and it will be much easier for you to execute your travel plans. We would love to hear about some more tips from new mommies!

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