Ways to reduce gas and acid reflux in babies
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Ways to reduce gas and acid reflux in babies

Babies always get restless and cranky, we all notice. This is because of stomach ache and acidity. There are many things that new parents can do to help their little ones, in this regard.

Breastfeed as far as possible

While babies are bound to swallow some amount of air while having milk regardless of whether they are feeding from the bottle or breast, it is very true that babies who are on mother’s feed are way less gassy.

Use these tips if you bottle feed

  • Firstly, buy an anti-colic bottle that minimizes the amount of air which your baby gulps. Philips Avent, Dr.Brown’s etc. are some good options.
  • The nipple should always be full of milk.
  • Feed your baby in an elevated or somewhat upright position.
  • Use nipples that ensure a continuous flow of milk but do not dispense milk in a stream.


Do not ignore burping your baby after every feed. You can do this by gently patting their back in an upright position while the baby is against your chest. Try to get multiple burps if possible.

Positioning your baby after feeds

After each feed, keep your baby in an upright or atleast somewhat upright position for at least half an hour. If the baby sleeps right after feed, elevate their bedding to keep them reclined rather than flat. This reduces both gas and acid reflux.

Tummy time

It is a good practice to lay your baby on their tummy several times in a day. Do not do this for at least 40 minutes after feeding though. Laying the baby on tummy helps to release gas in form of burps and farts.

Cycling exercise

Cycle your baby’s legs whenever baby is awake and playing. Do this for a couple of minutes to help release wind!


Massaging baby’s tummy with a warm oil using entle, circular motion helps to relieve gas pains by releasing gas. You may use coconut oil or Olive oil for this.

Rectal thermometer

Yes, you read it right. A rectal thermometer is a great way to release that gas which is troubling your baby so much. This is harmless and quick way to stimulate the anal sphincter too.

Gas drops and antacids

You may request your doctor or pharmacist to suggest baby safe medications to relieve gassiness and acid reflux. Simethicone gas drops and Ranitidine antacids are most commonly prescribed for babies. You may give these as per your doctor’s instructions.

Use a gentle infant formula

Do your research and take recommendations from other parents to find out which infant formula is easy on stomach for immature digestive systems of little ones.

Apply Hing on navel

This remedy is a time tested one. Dissolve some Heeng in a bit of water and apply this on tummy and navel of the baby. Do not use this on navel if the cord has not shed, yet.


Gas and acidity in infants is avoidable to a great extent. With a little awareness and effort you can surely help your child against tummy troubles.

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  1. This blog post comes just in time when i needed help with my 10yr old boy’s repeated ailing of gas and acidity in the past 3 days consecutively! Hing on the navel has been my go to mantra and I am happy to see in the solution box. Meanwhile keep such quick fix remedies and posts coming…..

  2. I really wish these posts were available when i had my baby girl..many things dint make sense…love the way you havr described each method so well

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