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The Story of a Suicide – A Review

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I have personally been a witness to the deaths caused suicides over the last 25 years and a few of them have been very close friends. I failed to understand initially as to what must have pushed them to such extremes and why would they have taken that step of no return. I strongly believe in Karma and also believe that we get a human life with great difficulty and that it is the most intelligent living form on the planet. This life has an average of about 70 years and I personally believe that one should live the full life and enjoy it to the fullest without trying to imitate someone else or comparing oneself with others.

Over the years, I started counseling people who are inclined towards suicide and show suicidal tendencies. This counseling of mine has to some extent helped a few. What I observed is that the number of suicides happening at a young tender age are more compared to the ones with middle-aged or aged ones. I frequent Old age homes and see that many old souls who are over 90 still have a fight left in them and in spite of the ailments they have at that age, they still are willing to give it a fight and live on. Maybe they understand the value of Life more than others.

I happened to read this interesting Novel of Sriram Ayer by the name “The Story of a suicide” and immediately finished it in one go. The story revolves around a few characters Hari, Charu, Sam and Mani, who are connected to each other  with friendship, love, relationship, betrayal, revenge and passion which knows no limits.

It is this passion that leads one Lover to go to the extent of putting in a Trojan software in the mobile of the girl he claims to have loved and upload her pics and videos in real time on the Internet just because he feels she has rejected him. On the other hand, there are two Boys in love with each other, but still are overcome by physical desires which overpowers the love and caring a relationship needs.

On one side we see a brave girl fighting off the challenge of being trolled on the internet, overcomes her fear, thinks clearly from her brain and not her heart to find out who is playing dirty with her and on the other hand, we see a sweet but troubled soul who cannot face the agony and pain of his family reacting to him being Gay, ending his life abruptly even before it starts. Why he takes such a drastic step and who all are actually responsible in developing his weak personality is a subject of study as we read this interesting Novel.

Story of a Suicide

Pic Source: Illustration by Ghana (http://www.storyofasuicide.com/images/Chap29/29.84.jpg)

There are a few lines which are written with absolute brilliance and have a deep meaning in them. Some which leaves you pondering on psychology and behavioral traits.“So if I get abused as a child by a much older adult, according to your logic, I should shut-up, forget as if nothing happened and to top it all off forgive the bastard too?”  or “Why should I beg you? You are a coward. If you have something against me, be a man! Come confront me face to face. Maybe I might even change my mind. You are a sadist psycho.” and the most touching one “I don’t have the energy and will to live anymore Charu. I am tired of being a failure. I am tired of being defeated. I am tired of being heartbroken.” A masterpiece has been successfully created by Author Sriram Ayer.

Without being too tough on the words I use here and using the simple language of interaction which I have maintained over the years in blogging, I feel that we should all look up at life positively. Parents should be more responsive to the children and give them an attentive ear when the children demand or request. Friends should become more understanding and give space to each other which one may need. Most importantly, it is our society which should change its look towards youngsters who admit they have different tendencies and give them a fair chance to judge themselves rather than being their judges. If the perspective of the society changes towards the victim and the victim’s family from the start, the victim would not be a Victim eventually..EVER!    

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24 thoughts on “The Story of a Suicide – A Review

  1. Suicide is not solution, I think. The book sounds interesting, nice review, Utpal… 🙂

    1. Yes Mani. The novel does not justify Suicide but pushes open the gates of our views and perspectives on this sensitive issue. Indeed very well written.

  2. Nice Review of the book. Suicide has become so common these days as if people are finding solutions to their problems by ending their lives. Awareness, support and counseling would go a long way in helping such people.

  3. A very honest perspective on the stigmas and associated consequences and repercussions expressed by you UK. There is a bold attempt by the author to highlight on a sensitive issue such as this which unfortunately has become harsh realities everywhere!

  4. I am Sriram, the author of the novel. Thank you UK for your review and comments. I am very glad to know that you enjoyed it. Much appreciate.


    1. It was a great read and very inspiring too Sriram. I loved your simple style of writing which connected with me and I could finish your Novel in one Go which is rare as I take 3-4 days with about 7-8 sittings to complete any other.
      Congrats once again on a brilliant piece. 🙂

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