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Travel Tips for a RailYatri

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When it comes to India and Travel in India, the Trains were and are most popular till date. Even after the flight numbers increasing in India over the last 10 years and many people opting for Air travel, the Train travelling crowd has not reduced and in fact the numbers have increased. Today I want to take this opportunity to salute the Indian Railways and give you five basic Tips while doing your RailYatra.

1. Chain and Lock your luggage.

Though this is something which most of us do, but there are still some who tend to forget this and end up losing their Luggage especially during overnight travel. The trains are always crowded and the chances of thefts are more in Trains. It is advisable to chain the luggage to the Links provided under the seat and also lock the luggage for better security. It does not take much time and effort to do this, but it proves to be a vital Tip in the long run.

2.Order your food in advance.

Though Indian Rails offer a food service on almost all trains and they do a pretty good job, but one is always conscious about the hygiene and safety of one’s family. It is advisable to place your order in advance for food in train  and become a smart RailYatri. The online order system and ordering in advance helps you choose a fresh meal to your seat and station of your choice. Local restaurants prepare the food and one gets several options to choose from, be it Thali, Dosa, Veg or Non-Veg.

3.Noisy neighbors are friends of a RailYatri.

I am sure we all like to get as much sleep as possible when on trains, but our neighbors may not feel the same. We can either block out any noise by wearing ear plugs and use an eye mask to block any light. Most of our neighbors may want to keep the light on till late night as they may suffer from sleeplessness during a train travel. Sleep is a must to keep one refreshed post the travel.

4.Pack dry food for safety.

Since it’s a Train Journey, the time commitment by the Indian rails may not be honored due to several reasons and train journey could end up being a little longer than estimated. The train makes an unexpected stop at some place or some natural causes like heavy rains could slow down the speed due to which the train trip could be delayed. Keep a Tab on the train running status and it is always worth packing an extra bottle of water and some extra dry snacks so that you don’t go hungry, especially with children along. Make it a point to keep some biscuits and chips in your baggage as they are a great accompaniment to a hot cup of Tea / Coffee.

5.Plan and Invest the time to yourself.

Many of the train rides can be long, especially if you’re travelling alone. On a plus side, this is the only time when you get to be by yourself in today’s busy world. This is a time which apart from phone calls coming in between, you get to know yourself better and spend time with yourself. Spend this time wisely, doing things you don’t normally find time for.The best option is to read a Book which you have always wanted to but you are not able to due to the day to day busy schedule. You can also catch up on some lost movies which you did not get time to see. In case you are not a bookworm or a movie buff, you can get down to make some friends and if not that then just click some random pics of mother nature seeing out of the window with the help of your smart phone. The countryside of India has many beautiful and scenic moments to be captured.

So all you need to do is check your pnr status, board the train and enjoy your Train Trip.

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  1. Saluting the Indian railways for the mammoth operations and the new technological upgradation in the applications …hope the bio tiolets also become a reality in all the trains across all zones..they can do a world of good to the tracks and hygiene !

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