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Styling trends of 2021

The misery of not being able to put on their favorite dress hit everyone hard. All we did last year was WFH with our comfiest sweatshirt and pajamas on. But with things coming back to normal, we regained the most awaited opportunity, that is, to unveil the fashionista inside us. Time is perfect to mix-match your old wardrobe pieces and turn a few heads with your new glamorous looks. Here are a few styling tips that will make you ramp-ready for the Styling Trends 2021.

Bright it up! 

After a gloomy year that took away all the vibrant shades out of our lives, we need to go back to the colors that really pop-out. Wear the combination of dazzling colors to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Something like neon pink and fluorescent green will do the deed. But avoid it altogether if you are not okay with too much attention.

Styling Trends

Add volume

Puffed sleeves are perfect for people with an undefined waist. The sleeves will flatter your frame by creating an illusion of an hourglass shape. People who feel they are too skinny must give this trend a try. You’ll love it. May it be a dress or a top, go for it.

Go monochrome

If you like to keep it elegant but subtle, what is better than going for monochrome. The idea of dressing up in one color from head to toe sounds daunting. But it’s not that bad. If you want to be more playful, you can add accessories according to your taste and flavor. Different tints of color also qualify as monochrome.

Styling Trends


Gone are the days when holding the huge waist pants was the only function of a belt. In this day and age, people wear a belt to accentuate the overall look of their outfits. You can see fashion influencers adding a statement buckle to their look quite often. This is one key Styling trend in 2021.

Allow that extra length.

We are still in love with thigh-hugging jeans, but the charm of oversized pants hits differently. Pants let your skin breathe while letting you set high fashion standards. 

After analyzing a few styling trends, we have concluded that there’s too much to do. You can create something of your own by experimenting. Hold your chin high and feel confident in what you wear. Don’t think of the world too much, it will adjust.

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