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Changing trends of Denim

Denim has been a fashion icon for clothing for decades. It is a fabric that suits everyone irrespective of age or gender. It is the addiction to our wardrobe, which has gained a prominent position in society. Denim is the expression of youth. Festive and wedding seasons are the time when everyone wants to wear something different. Let’s check out how we can incorporate denim into a wedding or festival outfits.



  • A kurta can be paired up with jeans. Kurta has always been a choice for men and women. Men can pair kurta with a jacket whereas kediyu tops paired with denim are for women.
  • Denim, combined with denim, is a unique combination. A jacket can be paired up with jeans of same material for a look with a twist.  
  • Button up flared denim gets perfectly paired up with a crop top and sneakers.
  • Denim culottes are trending among women and look perfect for cocktail parties.
  •  Bodycon skirts are perfect for giving you a perfectly stylish look.
  • Jumpsuits or dresses are a great substitute choice for ethnic wear during the festive season. These go perfectly with super white sneakers. Adding a choker highlights your look.
  • Denim blouse is in fashion with any sarees. Its something unique to wear during festive or wedding season.  
  • Denim shirt blouses look fancy. You can try wearing long, Chinese, or peter pan collar just like a shirt. A belt can be added as a perfect accessory go to with it.  
  • Long jackets with embroidery paired with jeans are today’s style statement.
  • They combined with fluid fabrics such as viscose or modal. This combination gives a regal look to a traditional outlook.
  • Saree wore with jeans. Semi draped saree can be combined with jeans to be the center of attraction during these special seasons.  
  • Denim jackets look perfectly well with any casual wear. You can experiment with it by adding patches or embroidery later.  
Changing Trends of Denims

Final styling note

Denim is neutral, so get perfectly matched with anything. It is a trend that will never disappear. So get ready to look utterly stylish this season by wearing something unique.

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