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My Mom resembles…..


Mother is an amazing gift of nature to us. Since from our existence, she keeps us safe and nurtured in her womb for 9 months and once we are in the outer world, she looks after and takes care of us for the whole life. The mother’s care has no expiry date because it stays with you forever, irrespective of whether you’re a toddler or grown up person. There’s no way we could compare mothers with one another. Every mother of a child is unique in her own way and there can never be an alternative to her love and care. However, if I have to still choose a movie mother that has a close resemblance to my mom, then it definitely has to be Shashi from English Vinglish.

She excelled:

Yes, my mother was great with food and being a housewife, she spent most of her time preparing delicious and authentic dishes as well as learning the art of modern day cooking to fulfil the demands of me and my other siblings. Since from the beginning, I have been fond of my mother’s cooking. No wonder, how delicious food at other friends or relatives place is I always made sure to have some space for the home cooked food by my mom. Even when I used to go out to eat at a restaurant or Dhaba, my friends often complained that I don’t enjoy it thoroughly. Well, the thing is that I could not resist the home cooked food by my mom and the day would not end until I had some at east during dinner.

These amazing cooking skills, however, have their own perks and disadvantages. As my friends and most of the relatives had tasted the food, there was always a demand every now and then for an authentic Maharashtrian meal at my place. Well, a normal person would get irritated or frustrated, but my mom never was. She enjoyed cooking and without any hesitance or trouble, she used to cook and serve all my friends until they had their stomach full. Now, that’s some motherly love that you can’t ever compare with anything else for that matter. There were always many occasions when I didn’t value much about my mother’s cooking or the care she had put in, to take care of us as we grew up.

Her Importance:

But I was always reminded of it whenever I was away from home for few days or my mom was away for some days. The longing for that care, the need for that best food, and the loneliness would be so bad in those times. It was then I realized the importance of my mom in my life. No matter how irritating it sounded when she would prepare some sweets and other stuff overnight for me during my college days, I would realize its value and the love when I used to start munching them when I was away from home.

Her simplicity:

Besides taking care of me as a mother, she had also been a great friend. I could and always share my thoughts and idea with her. While there are times when she doesn’t agree with me, she always supported me with all my decisions in life. When I was confused about choosing between engineering and a writing career, it was my mother who helped me take the most important decision of my life. She wasn’t so cool with the writing career but she told me that it is better to do something with a full heart rather than doing something else half-heartedly.

Well, that was it. I made my decision and today I am glad that I took the right one. Writing may not offer the similar salary package as engineering would. However, it still makes me content with what I do. I truly thank my mother who helped me out during that struggle while choosing the right career in life. Being a firm believer in God, I believe in miracles and such things. I can totally relate and understand the quote about mothers that says, “As God can’t be everywhere, he created mother” and agree with that too. If there’s any Godly figure in this world, it’s your mom.


No matter what kind of relation you have with her, never disrespect her. The only guaranteed person in this world who loves and cares for you in spite of your Big small mistakes, as well as keeps you before herself is your mother. I lost my mother quite early and I can’t tell her now which filmy mom she resembles. If you know how important she was in your life, then go ahead and tell her how much you love her and see the smile and contentment on her face.

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