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How to take care of your bed-ridden parents

Bed-ridden parents are a big responsibility. It is a difficult time for you and your parents. Bed-ridden is not just about feeding them but taking care of all the things that make them feel happy. It is almost like taking care of a small infant as they need your assistance in all the activities. The different tasks which need to be taken care of are good food, hygiene, understanding them emotionally, and taking care of their entertainment. Let’s know how we can fulfill this responsibility with utmost care and love.

Promote good hygiene

Help your parents while they are taking a bath, brushing teeth, grooming hair, and trimming nails. Take care of their haircut, trimming a beard, and skin allergies as these things are not only for hygiene but also gives them a good feel. Ensure that their bed linens are changed regularly to avoid bedbugs, bedsores, and other skin allergies. Don’t forget to ask your parents about the fabric of bed linens. The fabric for blankets, their clothes and bedsheets should be soft and as per the climate. Please help them to change their position on the bed as the same position on the bed for a long time invites a number of skin allergies and infections. 

Make them feel comfortable

Give them something to do in which they are interested. It can be chopping vegetables, watching TV, reading books or newspapers. Make them feel comfortable and relaxed whenever your friends or some guests come to your place. Usually, bedridden people are the ones who are ignored during a get-together, weddings, or any celebration. Taking care of their emotional well-being is of the utmost importance. Ensure that their room is well ventilated and is not messed up with too much furniture. Keep their medicines, water, towel, and fruits easily accessible to them. Give your few minutes to your loved ones by just sitting near them or chatting with them. Provide the mobile phone to maintain a social life and call you during any emergency.

Give emotional support

Emotional support is essential for bedridden people. Give your parents moral support as it is a must for mind, body, and spirit. Shame and embarrassment are two common factors which can affect anyone mentally. Talk to your parents, know about their likes or dislikes. Give them faith that everything will be fine and you are always with them.

Nutritious food

A healthy diet is a must for patients. Take recommendations from doctors to decide what food items should be included and what should be avoided. Please keep track of their food allergies and calorie intake. Avoid giving them a heavy or long meal. Always keep water or juices near them to keep them well hydrated.  

Be patient

Caring is essential but not an easy task. Many of the times, you will feel frustrated or not being appreciated by your loved ones. Give yourself also some time by taking care of your emotional and mental health. You can also take the help of a nurse or someone who can understand your bed-ridden parents better.  

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