Lubricate Joints
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How to lubricate joints

As we age, the cushion within our joints, meant to protect the joints, thins down, resulting in arthritis and inflammation. Also, the production of synovial fluid present in joints that oils your joints, and keeps them bending smoothly, slows down. All the conditions together cause stiff, restricted, and painful movement of joints. Amid all the agony, there is a piece of good news for you. You can now restore the production of fluid to normal and bounce back to your routine lifestyle irrespective of your growing age. Let us see how to lubricate joints today.

Work out

Lubricate Joints

Moving your joints is the best way to pump more lubrication into your joints. When you work out, you release more water into lubricating fluid, which gets spread over the cartilage surfaces. If you move your joints, first thing in the morning regularly, the released lubricant covers the cartilage nooks and crannies with fluid, providing you comfortable movement all day long. The low-impact exercises such as swimming or bicycling are more beneficial for joints.

Consume healthy fats

Eat Healthy

The omega-3s known to curb inflammation in blood vessels also calms down your joints. Salmon, nuts, avocados, trout, olive oil, and supplements high in the DHA form of omega-3s are the rich sources of healthy fats.

Eat Dark Green Leafy Vegetables, avocado, berries, onion, garlic, grapefruit, yogurt, walnut, brazil nut, and Camu Camu to get rid of the inflammation.

Take Supplements

Lubricate Joints

A combo of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin can increase lubrication and decrease inflammation. In the case of Osteoarthritis(OA), Acetaminophen, aspirin, and ibuprofen can ease down pain. Corticosteroids help in reducing the inflammation that often accompanies OA. Hyaluronic acid injection replaces the fluid inside your joint fluid. The replacement can improve the nature of lubrication, making the movement agile and painless. One effective way to lubricate joints with increasing age.

Lose weight

Sometimes, excess weight causes joint pain. In that case, losing weight is the only option available to you. Cutting down those extra pounds can take a lot of the pressure off your joints and will help you reduce any further joint damage. Limit your calorie intake if you seriously want to lose weight.

Seek Medical Help

If the pain has become persistent, give a visit to your doctor. The physical and occupational therapies recommended by doctors would help you a lot. 



Despite incorporating all the above habits if your condition is not improving, your doctor may recommend surgery. Don’t worry. It’s not that bad, through a minor surgery damaged knees, and hips can be repaired.

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