How to make your 2020 less stressful
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How to make your 2020 less stressful

How to make your 2020 less stressful

An average person today admits having stress on any given day. While there are some things that we cannot avoid, a majority of it can be taken care of by changing our habits and the way we function. Here is a list of some things that can help you cope better with day to day life and make 2020 less stressful.

Tidy up your home

By this I mean, keep your home looking tidy and clutter-free by all means. Make your bed in the morning, out things back to where they belong and purge what no longer serves a purpose. You spend a major fraction of your day in your home. By all means, keep your space looking organized, functional and welcoming.

Build mental strength

Stop worrying about what others have to say about you or what their opinion of you is. Be the best version of yourself, do not be a people pleaser while being duly respectful towards others. You can never grow if you keep worrying about others! 

Digital detox

It makes a lot of sense nowadays to disconnect from your devices, take a break from social media to indulge in some meaningful conversations with your family, indulge in some self-care and not to be obsessed with what is happening in other people’s lives. Ditch your phones at least a couple of hours before bedtime. It will help you catch up on sleep as well.

New Year

Utilize free time in evenings

Post work, most of us get tempted to binge eat and stay glued to Netflix. You can watch whatever you like but do not be a couch potato. Move around and get some work done. You could meal prep for the next day, plan your outfit for the morning, go grocery shopping, etc.

Do not lay off tasks

If you can do something today, please go ahead and do it. The habit of laying off work often is a major source of stress..we all have experienced it. We do not know how tomorrow turns out. You might end up missing deadlines.

Plan it

Start Multi-vitamins and Mineral capsules

Minor diseases, vague pains in muscles and joints are most often a result of the gap between nutrient demand of our body and what our diet actually provides. Taking multi-vitamins and mineral supplements after approval from your doctor can help you feel physically better to go after your goals and have a pleasant life. Magnesium, in particular, has been associated with lesser stress and anxiety in individuals.

Start maintaining a gratitude Journal

Maintain a journal for yourself in which you can write about whatever you are grateful for at the end of each day. I urge you not to repeat the points as the whole point is to really focus on the positive aspects of your life and how they outnumber the negatives. This exercise helps you feel thankful and at ease.

2020 less stressful

Stop relying too much on memory

Every single day millions of thoughts pop up in our head. It might include tasks to complete, things to buy, calls to make, emails to respond, etc. In the hustle-bustle of our daily personal and professional commitments, we tend to forget things. It is good to have a pocket diary or a smartphone app to jot things down rather than relying on your memory.

Everyone has their own tricks to make life less chaotic. We have shared ours…Now, it is your turn. Drop-in some comments below about your thoughts on making 2020 less stressful

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