Taking care of pets during winter
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How to take care of pets during winter

As the temperature drops, everyone needs special care. Our furry friends need different care and personal attention to remain safe. It is a misconception that the pet’s fur along will protect them from cold. Like us, they also need the warmth of home and a little extra care. Today let us see how to take care of pets during winter. The tips here will help you to keep your pets safe and happy during the chilly winter.

Helpful Tips

  • Replace the wet beds and floors with a cozy bed along with a blanket. Using wet beds or floor gives an invitation to skin infections. 
  • Provide your pets proper shelter and warmth of home. Please give them a proper place to enjoy the weather inside the house.
  • Keep them clouded with warm clothes like sweaters and mufflers. One should be vigilant if they put on as many of them chew them up. Swallowing woolen or clothes can be dangerous.
  • Pet keepers should allow them to play outside as pets must get immune to different climatic conditions. Exposing them to cold weather helps to increase their resistance to cold. 
  • During winters, pets need extra care and not extra food. One should know about the daily activities of the pets and should feed them accordingly. Overfeeding means inviting indigestion and a layer of fat for them, so be careful while feeding.
  • Protect paws. The pet owners should protect the paws of pets from chilly winters. Paws quickly develop cracking due to a lack of moisture during winters. Untreated cracking for a more extended period can result in bleeding. It is essential to provide hands necessary moisture and avoid any pain during walking.
  • Increasing little amount of fat in pets’ diet plans helps one to keep skin well moistured. 
  • Avoid cold food and water to the pets, especially during the winter. Pets usually fall sick due to cold water and food. 
  • Make sure that they wear something warm while going out.
  • One should be alert when pets shiver or sneeze. Approach veterinarian whenever they show any symptom of fever or when they burrow themselves in a warm place.

Winter brings different concerns and discomfort for pets. Being a responsible pet owner, it is essential to provide pets extra care during the lazy winters. Let us all take care of our pets in Winter and give them more love.

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