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Guinea Pig 

A guinea pig is a pet that requires more care than most people may imagine. Many new guinea pig owners are guilty of some common mistakes while getting a Guinea Pig home. You need to do some research and use post as a guide to make sure you are prepared to handle one. If you can’t, don’t bring one home. Some of your misconceptions can actually lead to a less happy or even shortened life for your pig.

The Top 2 Most Important Rules

  1. Don’t Buy:                                                                                                                                                                             Please don’t buy Guinea pigs. Adopt them. There are many who can’t handle their guinea pigs and these really need homes. Give them a home. The ones in the Pet shops are already doing wrong by putting in 8-10 Guinea pigs in a cage meant for two. The health of these guinea pigs may be at their worst low due to living in such environments and getting them home would be just for a short while as they tend to die sooner.
  2. Keep Pairs:                                                                                                                                                                             Either keep a pair as pets or give plenty of time to the one you have. Please understand that you have to keep your Guinea pig in a cage. Would you be able to live in a cage alone? The same applies to the Guinea pig too. It needs a lot of caring and Love. If you can’t give him/her through dedicated time in a day, then ideally keep two. They will live longer and happily.

The other 3 Important Rules:

  1. Cage size:                                                                                                                                                                                 Cage Size does matter and one should not buy a cage just because you like it. Please follow some thumb rules here. Ideal cage size minimum is 7.5 sq ft for One guinea pig, 10.5 sq ft for two, 13 sq ft for 3 and 16 sq ft or more if 4 Guinea pigs. Please remember that they love to walk and run along so they need space.
  2. Food and Nutrition:                                                                                                                                                             Never neglect the food and nutrition. Feed them a balanced diet. It should have hay, pellets and fruits and vegetables. Never feed them iceberg lettuce, but give them green leafy ones. Never feed your Guinea Pig a food which appeals to you. It will never appeal him/her. Keep the food/pellets plain and without any flavor.
  3. Bedding:                                                                                                                                                                                         Use good quality wood shavings as bedding for your guinea pigs. Don’t use the cheap quality available in the market as they may have lots of powder and dust. This will cause respiratory issues with your pet eventually.

Trying to save a few hundred rupees may cost your pet his/her life. Treat your pet as a family member. Make it happy and it will keep you happy.

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