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Pug Care – Epileptic Seizure

Epileptic seizures are painful and our pet Bruno experienced it in the last few months. Status epilepticus known as epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes dogs to have sudden and uncontrolled recurring seizures.

These seizures are caused because of trauma, exposure to toxins, brain tumors, genetic abnormalities, issues with the dog’s blood or organs, or for a number of other reasons which would be known only after a detailed check up.
Never ignore such Seizures and rush to a Vet immediately to save your pet from the pain and agony. There is a definite cure available after professional examining of the issue and the seizures can be treated accordingly.

The Pet is put on a temporary or permanent medication and of course the Diet plan is also changed and has to be maintained accordingly. The pet can be definitely saved and it is just a matter of handling the situation in a mature way.

When I checked at the animal hospital while treating Bruno, I came to know that many pet owners are unaware of these problems and presume that their Pet would not survive further. Some go to the extent of disowning their pets and some go even to the extent of giving a false address in the animal hospital and never return back to check their pet. It is indeed very sad to know that a pet which we bring home as a part of our own family is humiliated and treated this way.

As an Animal Activist I feel sad and I pity such pet owners who give up on their pets due to their own negligence and lack of knowledge of the problem. Once you consult a Veterinary Doctor, he/she would tell you about the pet’s problem and how it can be controlled. This is just a humble appeal and request to all animal lovers and pet owners to take care of their pets when they need you the most.

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