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How to ditch salt and sugar to live longer

Our hunger for sweet and salted food invites several health-related issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol level, depression, stomach cancer, kidney failure, and hypertension. The list of our never-ending favorite sweet and salted food can start with laddoos and pani-puri. Higher is the intake of salt and sugar; higher is the risk of death and aging. Added sugars and salt means extra calories without any nutrients. With modernization, the consumption of sugar and salt is increasing in our platter day by day. We need to ditch salt and Sugar which we consume on excess to what the body needs.

We knowing or unknowingly consume this extra amount of salt and sugar with different food items such as chips, ketchup, soft drinks, ice-cream, and various other flavored items too. It is the need of the hour and our body to restrict ourselves from the unnecessary intake of salt and sugar. The tips here will help you to ditch salt and sugar if you want to stay fit and young.

Ditch Salt and Sugar


  • Read ingredients carefully: One must read the ingredients, especially of packed foods before consuming. Bread, cereals, cookies, and soups usually contain an enormous amount of added sugars that impact the health of a person severely.
  • Change your recipes: Change your recipes by using rock salt, jaggery, dates, and honey. Small changes in your recipes will count to significant changes.  
  • Use fruit and avoid artificial juices: Using juices means taking more sugars. It is advisable to eat fruit than drinking juice. Eating fruits means giving your body necessary fiber, which helps in better digestion. 
  • Eat fresh food: Avoid eating food from restaurants, processed foods, and canned food. Preparing fresh food at home daily limits the quantity of sodium in our meals.
  • Say “NO” to desserts and sauces: Consuming extra salt and sugar increases craving and leaves one tired or lethargic. Limit the intake of desserts such as doughnuts, ice-creams, and cakes by replacing them with fresh fruits, dates, nuts, and dark chocolate. Your overall concept should be to replace added sugar and salts with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Sauces and ketchup contain loads of sugars and salts which can be replaced with chutneys, mayonnaise, homemade sauce and yellow mustard, pesto, or harissa paste.

Summing up

Using a variety of vegetables, herbs, natural flavors not only help to cut down the amount of salt and sugar but also keep us away from tempting food scents. One can easily ditch salt and sugar intake only if one desires for a healthy and disease-free lifestyle.

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