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How to protect yourself from air pollution

The air we breathe is the rich source of oxygen, one of the most crucial elements needed by the body. However, when this air gets polluted and enters the body, the body deviates from normal functioning and becomes vulnerable to infections. It puts our respiratory system at high risk. With the continuous rise in air pollution, we need to adopt a few measures to keep the harm at bay. Here’s what you can do to protect your body from the adverse effects of air pollution.

Air Pollution

Reduce indoor air pollution

It all starts with your home! Your house is where you spend most of your time. Make sure to keep your indoor air clean. Use the fireplace whenever necessary because consistent exposure to smoke can damage your lungs for the long run. Avoid frequently painting your house. Paint and varnishes contain formaldehyde, an air pollutant. Don’t smoke and ask the smokers in your home to stop smoking because passive smoking is equally harmful.

Keep track of the AQI of your area.

Before going out, make sure to check whether the air outside is breathable or not. Most of the cell phones have an inbuilt feature of showing AQI. If your phone doesn’t have one, you may download an app.

Avoid working out during wee hours.

When you are physically active, you take deeper breaths. While taking deeper breaths, the pollutants might reach sensitive areas of your body that can cause more harm than good. Always work out early in the morning when the air is fresh and free from pollutants.

Air Pollution

Do your part to reduce outdoor pollution.

Instead of using your fuel-based vehicle, consider using public transport or riding on a bicycle. You can even walk if the distance is short. Try planting as many trees as you can around your locality and city. Plants filter out harmful pollutants like carbon dioxide from the air and give out plenty of oxygen. 

Prepare yourself for the worst.

If you already have respiratory issues, carry your medication along with you while leaving your house. Even if the condition isn’t severe enough, avoid taking any chance. Consult your physician if necessary.

We cannot eradicate air pollution in this insane era of the rush but, we can definitely protect ourselves and our loved ones by making a few lifestyle changes and staying vigilant.

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