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Nail care with home remedies.

Sturdy and lustrous nails are a reflection of good health. But how often do we include nail care in our self-care regime? Probably never or very rarely. Nail is a vital part of our overall appearance. Did you know most people silently judge you based on the appearance of your nails? Now, you don’t want to make a wrong impression on anyone just because of your half-bitten nail. Right? Let’s dive in and discover some beneficial, pocket-friendly tips to keep our nails in good health.


Nail Care

Don’t be too harsh

Do you often use tapered tools to remove the dirt accumulated beneath your nails? If yes, stop it immediately. Such action may permanently form a gap between the nail and skin, leaving space for the fungal infection to thrive. For the same reason, avoid biting nails and using them for performing straining tasks. Using your nail as a tool may put you in a difficult position

Keep them dry

Have you noticed your nails after getting out of a long shower? They become bendy and soft. Excessive contact with water makes your nail fragile. You can’t stop washing your hands before touching your face or eating but try wearing gloves while doing dishes. Also, avoid soaking your nails before a pedicure or manicure.


Not only your skin but also your nails need proper moisturization. Dry and brittle nails are a sign of a lack of moisture. There are plenty of fancy serums and moisturizers for nails out there. You don’t have to splurge on those. You can moisturize your nails with the help of the same moisturizer you use for your body. Winter is a rough time for your nails as well. They need moisturization in winters more than in any other time of the year.

Nail Care

Choose nail products carefully.

Nail removers contain harmful chemicals. But in the era of manicure and pedicure, we can’t avoid them. We can buy a nail remover that doesn’t have acetone as an ingredient and is enriched with hydrating oils.

Instead of using a nail filer to remove the dirt, use your old toothbrush to clean your nails. 

Grow your nails naturally instead of using artificial nails. We apply acid while putting on and taking off fake nails. These acids can cause an acidic reaction on and around our nails which is not good.

Nail-care doesn’t cost us our money. It only cost us a small portion of our time. Give it what it takes, and the outcomes will be sublime.

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