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How to experiment with your saree

Saree is the favorite Indian attire for years and never goes out of fashion. Change is the law of nature so let us try experimenting and giving a twist to our six-yard saree. This Corona house arrest could be the best time to experiment with your sarees as most of the time we are at home and can try new things. Things become easy when you try it once, if you feel comfortable in it you can easily carry it for a date night, parties, night out, or even to the office post lockdown. Step one for you is to declutter your wardrobe so that you can choose the best saree which isn’t used for years. Let us check out a few glamorous ways to change our traditional saree to a stylish one.

The different Looks

  • Belt look: Sari with a belt is perfect for all formal occasions. It is a combination of traditional saree but in a modern style. You can choose a thin or broad belt according to your choice. All you need for this look is a saree and a belt to elevate the look of your saree.
Experiment with Saree
  • With a pair of jeans: This Indo-western look is very simple and elegant as it requires. It only requires a pair of jeans, saree, and a crop top. One side of the sari is pleated and tucked into your jeans. The other side is draped like a dupatta across your shoulders. It can be draped like a dhoti very easily. It looks glamorous and you are all set to rock for the day!
Experiment with Saree
  • Adding blazer:  Using a blazer with a saree gives an edge to any type of saree. You can choose a blazer with regular colors such as red, black, or brown as they mostly go with all sarees. 
Experiment with Saree
  • Ruffle look:  Ruffling up layers of saree is in trend these days.  This look is perfect for a date or night out. This contemporary draping style gives an elegant look for all the occasions. You are all set to turn some heads! Be bold and experiment with your Saree.
Experiment with Saree
  • Adding Crop-top: Experimenting your saree with a crop-top gives you a modern look. This look is just perfect for every occasion. Make sure that you choose the right jewelry to elevate your stylish look.
Experiment with Saree

Some more Looks..

  • Adding shrug:  Wearing a shrug gives you a more stylish look. It gives a look of an outer coat that goes with all body types. You can go with the same fabric and color as that of your saree or it can be any vibrant color of your choice. Do try it and let your grace do all the talking.
Experiment with Saree
  • Skirt look:  This look is perfect for different occasions such as weddings, parties, and festivals. It is the best festive look for all body types. All you need to do is put up pleats like a skirt and the other side is pinned on the shoulder. Choose a saree with bright colors, heavy work, and laces as per the occasion.
Experiment with Saree
  • Experiment with blouse: Using a different blouse gives a different look to your saree. You can try to experiment with fabric such as net, velvet, or georgette. Experimenting with prints and odd colors is the latest trend in Bollywood as well. Just mix and match the things that you love.
Experiment with Saree

Conclusion: Creating new looks will surely make you more graceful post lockdown. Choosing the best look for you will help you to utilize your time in doing something for yourself. So, when are you starting to experiment with your saree?

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