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10 Summer foods to cool your body in this Scorching Heat

Summer is knocking at the door, and you need to keep yourself calm. Keeping your body cool is the most critical in the summers. Body heat can raise due to several reasons, and environment plays a huge role in it. Scorching sun rays is just one reason, but the most ignored reason is the food you eat. Yes! The food you eat can warm up your body as well. Hence, you need cooling summer foods for the body to fight the scorching summer heat.

Reasons Behind Body Heat During the Summer:

Apart from the food you eat during the summer, other factors can cause high body temperature too.

Some of them are:

  • Wearing heavy or tight clothes can cause the rise in the body temperature.
  • Physical exercise can also cause body heat.
  • Excessive contact with your the sun can cause a rise in the body temperature.
  • Sometimes medicinal drug can cause this issue in your body.

Effect of cooling foods

Best Summer Foods List

The cooling fruits help in reducing the body temperature. Yes! Certain foods can cause calmness in your body. Staying hydrated is very important, and hence you need to consume fruits that provide hydration to your body.

Best  Summer Foods

Now certain foods can help you in decreasing your body temperature. Here cooling foods list that you can follow to cool down your body in the scorching summer:


Watermelon is again one of the cooling fruits that help to keep your body fresh in this hot summer. It is a water-rich fruit and keeps the body hydrated, and hence it is a must.

Watermelon - Best Cooling Food


Mint is another home remedy that can give you a cooling effect. You can add this to your lemonade or regular water as well. It is a medicinal leave and works excellent.


Cucumber is highly hydrated fruit and is very useful for this summer season. Have it once a day to keep your body temperature down.


Forget the ice-cream and have something that can cool you down. What can be better than some frozen yoghurt? Yes! Having a bowl of yoghurt can give you relief in this hot summer.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits contain anti-bacterial property and help your body to stay bacteria free. They also work best cooling fruits. Having citrus fruits can benefit you in several ways apart from keeping you cool.

Citrus Fruits - Best Summer Foods


Avocado is a fruit with a high amount of fatty acids in it and hence helps in removing the toxic materials from the body causing a decrease in the body temperature.

Coconut Water

One of the best way to keep yourself calm from the scorching the summer heat is to drink coconut water. It will keep you safe from any stomach infections as well.

Coconut Water - Best Summer Food

Fennel Seeds

You need to soak a tbsp or two of fennel seeds overnight and then strain it in the morning. Now drink the strained water as this will keep your body heat low.

Cold Milk

Anything chilling isn’t always good for health. However, cold milk is something that can soothe your stomach and will keep you calm.


There are several foods to reduce body heat, and one of them is Pomegranate. Eating a pomegranate can keep your body fresh and will eventually control the body heat.


Now that you know the list of cooling fruits that will keep your body temperature balanced during the summers, grab them and eat. Eating unhealthy foods can cause you pimples, rashes, skin oiliness, etc. and all other diseases.

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44 thoughts on “10 Summer foods to cool your body in this Scorching Heat

  1. Loved the pics Uttpal, very tempting. I didnt know about fennel seeds that they can help us too in summers. Surely, Indian kitchen has remedy for everything. #Superbloggerchallenge #instacuppa

  2. Dint know that about Pomogranate nor cold milk! Useful post with summer bringing on the heat in all its glory here!


  3. This post makes me delighted since summer has arrived. You have reminded me of getting the fruits and other stuff and thanks for making us know about its health factors because we should always know about what effects can the food have on our body.

  4. Surprised to find avocado on the list. Dint know about that one.
    Perfect time to remind ourselves before the onset of the scorching summers. Thanks for sharing the exhaustive list.

  5. Good post. I am a big fan of Summer fruits like Watermelon, Must melon, cucumber, and even lychee. These watery fruits not only fill your stomach fast but also keep your hydrated for a longer time.

  6. I am extremely fond of Cucumber and it has a very cooling effect on the body. I like to have cucumber slices lace with some salt and proper masala though I believe that reduces the cooling effect or at least some people say so. I also love watermelons. They are extremely cooling. Thanks for this great list of items for keeping the body cool on scorching summer days. #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

  7. Hi Uttpal! Such great timing…Summer has always been my favourite season even though it´s so hot. And mainly because of the fact that we get to splurge on the best seasonal fruits and food preparations. It´s also time for vacations and truly chilling out. Looking forward to some fun recipes for the coming months on your blog. 🙂

  8. Very Informative post and I agreed with each point. and actually, this concept is a part of our ancient Ayurvedic system, where we need to make a change in our diet when there is the change in external atmosphere. thanks for sharing this great list and would surely add these foods in our diet, to maintain a good health during summer. #Superbloggerchallenge2018

  9. Watermelon is by far my fav. Also the infused water. Thank you for rounding up for us. I can now refer to the article for summer.

  10. Very helpful post. Watermelon and coconut water is something I have regularly in summer but I have no idea about other foods.


  11. Melons, both watermelon and muskmelon work wonders for killing heat. And adding grated cucumber to yogurt gives double the taste! Informative post to beat the heat.

  12. just going through the list of food items in your article had a cooling effect on me. i will surely incorporate the following food items in my diet and beat the heat this summer. #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

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