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Vegit Pav Bhaji Mix -Product Review

Vegit Pav Bhaji Mix – An honest Product Review

Vegit started its journey as a subsidiary of the Merino group in 2006. It has introduced a number of snack and ready to eat items over the years. These include Sabudana vada, Falafel, Halwa, Corn star, Aloo mash, Pav Bhaji, Aloo bonda, Cheese balls, Veg cutlet, Burger patty, Soya roll, Aloo tikki, Shammi kebab & Hara bhara kebab. I had tried a few of their products some years back and they had seemed okay. Recently I got a pack of their Pav Bhaji which was introduced in 2012 by them. This product review is specifically for the Pav Bhaji.


The packing is nice and impressive. One has to cut open the pack in order to remove the packet inside so no chances of tampering. The inner pack is sealed with the dry content and has a shelf life of 9 months after packaging.

The preparation:

One has to take 50gms of butter and thaw it on a pan. Add about 100 gms chopped tomatoes and then add the Vegit Pav Bhaji mix. Stir and add 500 ml of water. Mash and cook for about 15 mins and the Pav Bhaji is ready.


My concern started when the Bhaji was getting cooked. I felt the aroma of Oregano all the while. Once the Bhaji was ready, I served it in 5 servings as mentioned on the pack. They turn out to be too small. I feel there could be a max of 3 servings in this pack. Then I used a serving along with the traditional Pav rolled in butter on a pan (typical Pav Bhaji). The second serving was spread over a Pizza base and was then topped with onion, tomato and capsicum slices. It was then oven baked and checked as a regular pizza. The third was kept as it is. My findings:

  • The normal Pav Bhaji does not taste like a Pav Bhaji at all. The Oregano tinge keeps troubling you if you have the authentic Pav Bhaji taste in mind.
  • The Pizza comes out really good and I guess this pack is made to be used for making Pizza only.
  • The regular and normal bhaji is also far away from the authentic one.

As a Food Blogger, I would not recommend this product to someone who is looking to eat an authentic dish. You will be greatly disappointed. On a positive side, this is definitely for someone who likes to try a twist of taste.  Someone who wants eat Pizza with a desi tadka will definitely like this.

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